Part III: Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack, forging that relationship!

I simply love this story for a number of reasons, a) my son was named from it. (as a Recruiter, we had a short list of names when my son was being born (2 for boys, 2 for girls). When he came out the doctor announced “It’s a boy! What’s his name?”. I mentioned our short list… the doctor said…”easy.. Zachary….. Zachary Quack”) b) the Onomatopoeia and c) The lessons you can relate to day to day life as s Recruiter, leading me into part III (one and two found earlier) of my series of children’s stories for success.

Here’s my take on the story….

Hairy Maclary (AKA the client) is trying to get some “me” time, unfortunately, for him (or so it seems) Zachary Quack, keeps trying to get together with him (maybe for a meeting?), this causes Hairy to continually be on the run, avoiding Zachary, by hiding in a variety of ways. Our tenacious friend won’t be denied though, he keeps turning up, offering his services.. Eventually Hairy Maclary, bites off a little more than he can chew, and dives into the water, and literally gets in over his head. He needs some help, he cannot get out of the water. Enter Zachary Quack, our never say die, never take no for an answer, Mr I know I can help you, Mr you need to know me, Mr Recruiter. Zachary Quack, arrives when needed and shows Hairy Maclary the way out of the mess he’d made. Sound familiar my Recruiter friends? Of course then ending sees our two main characters as best friends, enjoying each others company, with mutual respect.

How many times have you made calls into an organisation, only to be told your contact or client is unavailable? Tried the lunch time call, the before work call, the after hours call to avoid those that will lie for them, only to be told that essentially “Don’t call us… we’ll call you!” I’m thinking lots… I know I have.

Here is the question… Do you give up, never to make contact again? OR do you continually follow up, ready to help at any time? Ready to save your clients backside! Then deliver a service, a value add, a solution which blows the client away, and makes them a client for life! Even in these times of economic turmoil, don’t lose your tenacity, keep making those calls, (even if it feels like a waste of time, I was able to make money in the last IT Tech wreck from staying in touch with companies who had told me to go away… “we aren’t hiring, we just made a whole round of redundancies!” Guess what? They cut too hard, and were not able to deliver the IT solution to the business…. They needed contractors to help get the job done… who do you think they called? That’s right… me!) staying in touch, and continually be ready to grasp and deliver on any opportunity comes your way!

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  1. Hi Dan,A fresh and creative take on the situation is just what we all need. It is tough for everyone at the moment and it is easy for many in recruitment and sales to lose confidence and to let things slide. However as you have so nicely illustrated with your own experiences and the help of Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack – developing and maintaining relationships will see you through the good and the bad times.Kelly

  2. Reblogged this on SaySomethingMoreDan and commented:

    Wow… 7 years on.. has much changed? Damn I’m old. Need some fresh ideas huh? 🙂

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