Why I blog?

This is an interesting question. Why is it that I find myself sitting in the dark, with the whole household asleep, punching something out on the keyboard? Writing something that will “disappear” onto the internet never to be seen again, maybe read, maybe not. Why bother? What’s in it for me or anyone? Word of my blogging has been building momentum in my social and professional circles, it is getting a mixed review, not so much the content, but the fact that I am actually doing it. When do you get the time? Aren’t you busy? are common questions I am facing. (In case you’re thinking the same thing.. answers are a) late night, b) yes I am.)

This is a hard question to contemplate unless you try it. I started blogging because I was reading lots and lots of articles, reading forums, and I needed to get involved. So I gave it a try… I wrote something for Recruitingblogs.com in April 2008 and never looked back. I’d always wanted to write, just never found a forum, after a few, I set up an account on Blogger.com who knows where this will go from here.

I have found it to be a great experience, cathartic in a way, a great release for me. I had fears at the start, I was nervous and a bit reluctant, I must have read, re-read and re-read again those first few posts hundreds of times before I meekly hit that scary “Publish” button. Here’s the thing viewers.. for those of you with publishing reluctance… NOTHING HAPPENED! the world didn’t explode, there wasn’t line after line of people pointing and laughing at me (that I could see anyway).

First one went well, so I thought I’d try another (took me a month to work myself up to do another). I was worried about running out of things to say or the core content (again those who know me… stop laughing!). You’ll be surprised where content can come from. Commenting on articles you read, conversations you had, meetings you were in, mistakes you made etc. (I recently learned about another phenomena “bloggers regret”, ie I wrote something, published and then wished I hadn’t, too late then.. it was out there)

Becoming actively involved by blogging and commenting on forums etc was amazing for my confidence, maybe I do know something, maybe I can add value to others. I was involved in a discussion recently about “lurkers” on sites, those who just hang out by the fringes, read the content, get the value but don’t offer any. If you are reading this, and you feel you could be considered a “lurker”, it’s OK, I understand, but forums, blogs well hey, Web2.0 etc works better when there is more involvement.

I have got a lot out of it. Personally and Professionally. I have “met”, well mingled and exchanged views with some great minds in my industry and am constantly in awe at their generosity at giving me some of their time and thoughts. I have learned more about Web2.0 tools and other Recruiting tools and techniques than I thought possible. (I honestly could not see the value in Twitter, then I tried it.. connected with some people and am amazed at the information I can get from those 140 characters. Yes I micro-blog too)

I read something the other day where someone stated that everyone has an agenda on these forums. I was initially offended.. I had no such thing. On reflection I was wrong… Of course I had an agenda… I really enjoy mixing and exchanging views with people of these forums.. that’s what I get out of it, that’s my agenda.

If you are reading this, (thanks) and you’ve got this far, (thanks again) I urge you to involve yourself in things. You will be better off for it, I’ll be better off for it, we all will. Write comments, add view points to discussions, and when you feel up to it… write something, I’m happy to proof read if you want.

It’s like most things, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. That is why I stay up late doing this, after my working day is done, it’ll make me better at what I do. That, and I suppose the fact I am a show off, like to see my name in writing, am a show off, struggle to keep quiet, am a show off, and am the youngest of 5 kids and expect to be the center of attention… did I mention I am a show off 🙂


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