So much to do…. so little time

Hands up all those who feel this…. go on… I know you want to, or have wanted to in the past.

I have a problem…. which I am a little embarrassed to write about. For goodness sake I am a grown man, I should be able to work this stuff out.

My TO DO List has stretched amazingly, I swear when I left it the other day it was fine, quite happy swimming along, not a care in the world. Now, sitting here very late Friday night, I find I have a presentation to prepare for Wednesday, 5 performance reviews to write, A case study to prepare, a blog or 2 to write, further reviews and an idea I need to develop to present to our CEO next week. And here i am thinking I am a Recruitment Manager, where can I fit actual Recruitment into the day.

The scariest thing… there are things that should be on the TO DO list, which are yet to make it…..


Shouts my mirror as I was having a good hard look at myself. Lots of people are currently without work, my CEO so loving told me today that the Market Analysts asked him why he still had a Recruitment Team? So, you’re a little busy? embrace it, own it, achieve it and move on!


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