Online presence – Getting a secret identity

It’s true, everything you write on the web, stays on the web, somewhere, somehow.

You can imagine it can’t you, (well I can) at the last stages of an election campaign, the year is 2030 (when I’m too old and Gen Ys assume the mantle of being the old people in control). Potential PM candidate A) in full debate in the lower house stands up and says, “Well, well well, the member for Curtain cannot be seriously considered as a future leader of our fair nation. When back in 2009 you were tagged in facebook (remember that) being drunk in a public place and kissing someone who clearly is not your now wife! You twittered about the fact you took a sick day when you weren’t AND you were a vampire on facebook and recruited demons to your team!”

With that in mind and in an attempt to keep my flagging political aspirations on the straight and narrow (OK I have none, but you never know). I have started Tweeting with a pen name! an alter ego if you will. With my role as a public face of my company, and a need to ensure my personal brand (I had to throw that term in) doesn’t get too tarnished, I need to self edit a lot when it comes to posts, the good the bad and the ugly. It is tough to say what I really think sometimes, as I don’t want things to reflect negatively on my company. Plus I penned our corporate social media guidelines 🙂

I am interested to see how this will evolve, if I will get the freedom I crave and if I would ever have to reveal my true identity… and if fake Dan over takes real Dan hmmmmmm


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