Exclusive Interview with the Recpest

There’s a character in the Twitterverse who caught my attention of late. Recpest.

Bill Boorman recently asked him to join in his radio show, to which Jerry Albright (quite rightly) said it won’t happen due to Recpest not wanting to show his true self. That got me thinking, what if I Direct Messaged him (Recpest) and asked for an interview, maybe I could shed some light on this guy.

I tried it, and well, he answered. Here is an except of our email exchange.

Who are you?

Starting with the philosophical questions huh Dan? Lots of people go on life journeys to find themselves. They are just dumb. I have a mirror, and unlike vampires, I’m always there. So there is one tip, I’m not a vampire! Although many people think I suck.

I am a Recruitment professional, who is getting sick of all the dribble and sewerage being spouted by “experts” out there, with the limited barrier of entry to being able to voice an opinion, the flood gates have opened.

I’m a listener, I read, and I buzz around the Recruitment industry, buzzing, around the crap, which creatures like me are drawn too

Where did you come from?

My parents and hundreds of siblings. Us pests breed well, check them out all over RBC.com and ERE.NET

Why are you here?

Got bored with the niceness online. Most internal Recruiters have to behave online. Decided to give the silent in house Recruiter a chance to say what they need.

Tell me your philosophy on Recruiting?

hmmmm evolving simplicity. People dress this business up to be all sorts of things. But the tools may change, but the underlying principles don’t. You add value to your business or client by having the right people available at the right time at the right price. Volumes and quality are important, but adding business benefit is why we are all there. This to me works across Agency and in house.

What do you recommend as a learning tool?

Active Communication and involvement. If you aren’t learning, or don’t know how to learn or where to go in this industry your in some trouble.

Get a core group of people around you with a variety of styles and methods and experience levels. Ask questions, participate in forums and social media circles. Answer questions, contribute to blogs and other media’s. You reap what you sew, read, contribute you’ll be surprised at what you’ll pick up. I’ve learned more in the last 2 years with the evolution of social media, than I did in the first 10+ years in the industry.

Who are you hero’s?

In the Recruiting world, there are many. The louder ones or interactive people on recruitingblogs.com, ERE.Net, Twitter, LinkedIn, the guys and girls at FOT. the amount of time and effort these people put into improving the Recruiting industry is amazing. The Recruiting Animal, and now Bill Boorman with their radio shows, giving people voices and debate. Jason Davis and Dave Manaster (and Todd Raphael) for ERE.Net. Contributors like Jerry Albright, Steve Levy, Maureen Sharib, Sandra McCartt, Rayanne Thorne, Karla Porter, John Sumser, Gerry Crispin, Shally Steckeral, Dave Mendosa. Yes there are lots of people I die to listen to. I am a deciple. I could go on, the list seems to grow daily with the people I keep discovering (not in an American idol sort of way, but in a my eyes are opening to more people kind of way) this month Michael Homula and Ryan Leary.

Twitter “people” like @RecruitingFreak

What are you pet peeves?
Wow you thought the last answer was long…

Automatic followers and automatic messages on Twitter.. make me sick!
People hitting “Reply to all”
Long winded, pointless answers
“I agree” answers
People who try to sell things, as comments on blogs etc
Lurkers..come on people get involved
Dumb advice
People not listening to me.
Ahh that’ll do I’m boring myself.

Where are you from?
Planet Earth, with some ET influences (that reminds me I have to phone home… Sorry mum)

What do you see as an emerging trend in the Recruitment world?

Maybe a law will come out to ban inane questions like that.

What’s the future for Recpest?
Finishing this interview I’m bored. Bye.. must buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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