Is Work over rated?

Oh that was nice to write, however if my boss is reading this.. please read beyond the initial title. It’s nice though isn’t it?

However, I am talking about the “office” environment, that place I disappear to 7ish each morning after kissing my kids and wife goodbye and mystically return from 11-12 hours later.

Today I did something I have not done for lots of years. I had a day working from home. Dropped the kids off at Kinder and the grandparents respectively, picked up a coffee and headed to the dining room table, my laptop and my cordless phone. To quote a great Australian movie.. “Ahhh the Serenity!”

And that is it. I sat down at that table, didn’t move for 5 hours, I powered through stuff, phone interviews, conference calls, candidate searching, advertising, finding a rich talent vein (look out #auteched I’m coming for you!), reference checks, read cvs, made an offer… ohhh it rocked. All for what would be 17 second commute.

OK, so my phone bill may look a little crazy, and I’m sure my team really missed me, but it was pretty cool.

That said, my last efforts of working from home weren’t as successful. The last time I was doing this under the guise of running my own business. People kept dropping to say hi, looking for a coffee and a chat.

I have to say this day rocked! I powered through the day, barely noticing the hours passing until I started feeling a little cold…. I hadn’t had the heater on all day (and I’ll tell you, it’s definitely not summer here)

Do I need to be in the office to be effective? Why would my company care? Am I that good looking that they need to see me every day? I surely doubt it.

Why? well my bottom line…..

It is hard to replace the face to face contact, real relationships (which is what makes a successful business person) aren’t forged without them. So even though this is great for me to live in my mind. This is first life, not Secondlife people, but wouldn’t it be nice once in a while?


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