Frustrations to change you life!

I’m frustrated. Should I expand? It could go for a while? Alright, I’ll try to keep it straight.

That said I also have had a ground breaking revelation which should change the lives of all those that will read this.

OK let’s start with my frustration. I’ll start this by saying I am a pretty positive person, however of late, I’ve learned the path of the cynic and am starting to appreciate their journey! I digress, sorry. We’ve been doing renovations on our house of late. What an exciting time, changing our house, from an idea to something real and tangible, and what a great change it will make… or so we thought.

From an initial swashbuckling start, walls down, frames up, it was going like a dream. To a “we’re going over budget”… “I think we aren’t going to make the deadlines”…. “I can’t make it today”… “oh sorry I never look at my phone”… “sorry, gone over budget, give me more money or finish the job yourself”.

I am not an unreasonable man, my wife and I have allowed him to re-quote a couple of times and allowed him to clarify things after the fact. Cutting some things out of the budget and writing some stuff off all together. And yet he still is trying to grab more money. Eventually enough became enough. Hardlines were drawn and Dan the nice guy disappeared. Unfortunately, so did our builder (he even disconnected his home phone. Obviously forgetting I’m a Recruiter and will and was able to find him.. sucker). All calls were returned with a text message, and now he only responds to my wife. My bad.

I started to doubt myself, was it my communication style? Am I not being clear or clarifying enough, when people say they will do things at a certain time, a certain day? Thankfully (for my sanity anyway) they did the same thing to my wife. Promised to turn up at 8-8.30 am, for us to hang around to only receive a text message at 12.40 saying “Can’t make it”.

This has got ridiculous. To the point where I have had to threaten legal action. Something I have never done before.

Even the tradesmen who did a good job were unreliable. Couldn’t make a time that was set, wouldn’t let us know. I hate being in the dark and ignored.

Ahhh that was nice to get off my chest. Now for the bit I promised that would change your life. Some advice from Dan! Free, no charge. No strings attached.

How to stand out from the crowd!

Do as you say… When you say you will do it. If you can’t for whatever reason, own up to it early and let the person you committed to know.

It sounds easy, trust me it isn’t and it is unusual.

To annoy the younger people reading this.. “When I was a boy!” ok not a boy, but younger, at the early stages of my career, I had a client who had scores of open requirements at any one time. This was annoying, hard work, for little margin. We were part of a large panel, and most likely the least experienced team working for them. They had set end dates for applications, and wanted a response by that date, a yay or nay if you will.

Whilst we were not always able to present someone, I made sure we made contact in regards to each requisition, and had a conversation with the powers that be. By doing this, this deepened our relationship to the point where at the next supplier review, we came in number one!

It makes you memorable and proves you commitment to the client. Try it. Trust me, you’ll be remembered!


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