3 Years on…………….

Wow it’s almost 3 years to the day when I started blogging.

I know this as I remember one of my original blogs was around the birth of my daughter Talia, who turns 3 tomorrow. Man time definitely does fly. I’ve just re read this early blog, seen the video’s and pics.. and serious tears came to the eye.

For those interested.. here is the reprinted version of what I wrote on January 26, 2007:

After months and months of waiting (OK 9 to be precise, or more if you add in the time trying!) I would like to take this opportunity to introdcue Talia Deanna Nuroo to the world. She arrived on the 25th January 2007 at 1.39pm.

Before I go too far into this, I must pay homage to my wonderful wife Simone, wow…. what a tough woman, she took this labour amazingly, mostly in a grand state of serenity, pushing through the pain in a display that leaves me genuinely lost for words to describe it, which is no mean feat. From 3am – 11.30 she pushed, breathed, relaxed, stretched and wobbled herself and Talia through contractions ranging from 5-2 minutes apart. If there is a mathematician out there, please let me know how many contractions that would be. No drugs, no swearing, just the odd tight hand holding (don’t worry I’m OK!) some gritted teeth, which I masterly reminded her to breathe through (see I was helping), the rest she just mentally toughed it out, truely inspiring, something I’ll never forget, and should remind me not to get into a fight with her. i may outweigh by around 1000 kilo’s but she’d kick my ass, and not break a sweat I think.

It wasn’t an ideal labour, as out little angel was being a little stubborn, facing the wrong way and then being a little too big to fit ou the natural way, but hey, it ended well, with Mum and Dad getting to hold young Talia just after lunch.

An unforgettable indescribable feeling. Now I may be biased, but I defy anyone to tell me she ain’t gorgeous and basically perfect! You can see her first shots on this site.

So far, a day into the lifelong journey Talia is going to undertake, I’m happy to report, she is feeding beautifully, sleeping pretty well, and loves cuddles with both Mum and Dad, who also love that. She has met her big brother Zac, and it looks like a lifetime partnership of mischief has begun.

Sim, is doing great, considering what she has had to go through to give me this wonderful gift, but on the improve.

This is a totally humbling experience, How luck can 1 guy be? An amazing wife, 2 gorgeous kids! In short LIFE IS GOOD.

Hard to believe really.. to see Talia now, a diva in training, a golden smiling, single minded, strong willed gorgeous girl, growing up so quickly in front of my eyes.. it is astounding. For those looking for something a little special to see, that you can’t see everyday. Check here to see the first ever meeting between mother and daughter… Not for the easy weeping!

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  1. Two beautiful milestones intertwined to be celebrated together. Can't wait to have you as a guest on the Ex-Recruiter Show here in the US on 1/25 at 8p.m. EST with Paul Paris. Looking forward to great conversation!

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