How many no’s can you take?

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi

People ask me a lot what the best trait I look for in a Recruiter or sales person. The list is quite big, but the one which stands out like a beacon, is Resilience.

The whole world has gone though a tough time for the last 18 months or so. Lots of businesses and people have gone to the wall, the word “NO” has become more and more common in the language of corporates everywhere.

Sales people everywhere have been hearing it (even more so than usual), candidates after interviews, employees asking for pay rises, people asking for training, asking for conferences, people trying to innovate and getting extra budget to do so, asking people to change jobs, and people being told they have NO job left. NO NO NO NO NO

The flow on effect from this is that people stop asking, people stop striving, thinking and just exist/survive. Be aware of it, look out for it. Don’t let it get you.

I have a saying at work. If you want something to happen, if you want to implement something you need to be willing to take the pain! Nothing is an easy “yes”. Can you justify it? Can you prove an ROI? Have you got THE best price possible? Have you got the timing right?

Guess what people? It’s time to ask again… Get on the phone, go and visit, ask the questions for what you want to achieve. It’s time. Maybe you can plant the seeds for your own personal changes, or if you’re in hard core sales, it’s time to revisit your “clients”, maybe it’s time to call your candidates

Someone told me once that things can only get hit for so long before they stay dented. Be your own panel beater then.

See the song “I get knocked down, but I get up again, aint never gunna keep me down”

Keep asking, go back to those ideas, get your creativity flowing once more.. NOw is the time to get back into the working world as we knew it. Be seen to be adding value in all that you do.

This’ll make for an exciting 2010

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  1. My (yr 11) school master once told me that failure is the pillar of success and I responded by saying that I had laid a solid foundation of pillars!!

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