The oldest 18 year old.

have you ever looked in the mirror and been surprised at what looked back at you? Happened to me this evening, and I”m not even sure why.

I looked in the mirror and was surprised that I wasn’t the young 18 year old, full of verve and confidence looking back at me. It was a fatter, hairier, older variety. It was weird. Strangely unexpected.

What happened to that 18 year old? (I do sometimes joke that I ate him) The good news is, nothing.. just got older.

I remember me at 18, I was full of confidence at what life was going to have in store for me. I’d met a girl, I’d told my Dad and mates that I was going to marry. I did. I’d had plans to travel overseas and settle down, with a career, kids and a nice car by 30 (which of course seemed a lifetime away). I was lucky, or I worked hard, or was pushed at the right time by the right people.. Maybe d) all of the above. But I achieved all this.

Funny thing happened though… I got to 30, I couldn’t figure out what goals to have again. Life was comfortable, job was cool, kids started to multiply, 1 doubled to 2, and now 2 is almost 3, house is getting smaller and being comfortable isn’t too bad really.

But here I am on the downward slope to 40, kids are starting school (apart from 3.0 who is yet to arrive) and that internal 18 year old is thinking again, ideas and optimism are back, goals are rearing their ugly head again. Look out world, here comes the oldest 18 year old.


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