You Can’t always get what you want………

People ask “how do you get ideas to write all the time?”.. Life does it, seriously, things pop up from nowhere and fester in your mind, and boom there is a blog post in the making. Whether it be good or bad… whatever, a post is there.

This happened to me tonight, watching idol of all things. One of the contestants sang “You can’t always get what you want”. I love this song by the way, but it stirred something inside me.

I was guest judging at an IT Graduation presentation day yesterday. I’m a sucker for this stuff and really enjoyed myself, even if I did sit through 8 presentations for 10-12 minutes each on the same topic. Essentially I had the same presentation 8 times. The fun thing was I was asked to be tough, harsh even to these guys. So hey, what was I to do? I was blunt, I was harsh, it was fun.

One of the interesting things was afterwards, I had a couple of the 80 come up to me and ask for specific feedback for themselves. “sure” I say, “do you want me to be as blunt as I was in the broader feedback?” “Yes, sir”. “Are you sure?” “Yes, sir, I love feedback”
“OK, let me get my notes”.

So I let this poor guy have both barrels. I told him his pitch wasn’t team focussed, it was all about him and his product, I told him he looked the part but his suit pants were too long, and if he has a tie on do the top button up. I spoke about fiddling with his hands, not making eye contact etc etc etc.

I felt for this guy. He was shattered. To his credit, he rallied himself and started arguing about my feedback. “Mate, ou asked for my honest feedback. this is it. If you take it, so be it, feel free to disreguard it, it’s free. But dont argue with me, this is my opinion.” He even argued with the shirt button comment, “well my shirt is too tight and it was a bit tight” I think he wasn’t happy with my “well get a better shirt!”.

I’m guessing that whilst he may not have particularly liked what I said, but he will remember it…. and hopefully it’ll help.

You can’t always get what you want! But you just might find, you get what you need…

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