Lexie Jean arrives… This is HUGE!

It doesn’t happen every day, and not everyone gets to experience it. As such I am feeling very blessed, humbled and honoured. It’s not everyday you get to witness the birth of one of your kids.

Two days ago on the 24th March 2010, I was lucky enough to do just that as Lexie Jean Nuroo made her way into this world just before 2pm. What an enterance it was. She came a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but settled right into it, like she’s been doing this all her life… ahem… ummm OK.. she has. Feeding, looking around, and all other body movements, made a weary Dad proud.

What made this Dad amazingly proud was the efforts of his wife, Simone. Guys, if you haven’t seen it before, women are amazingly resilient creatures. I can’t imagine putting my body, mind and spirit through what my darling wife endured, with a smile on her facec and the only tears in her eyes were those of joy, when she finally got to hold Lexie.

Now, whilst it’s true, as a guy, you really aren’t that involved in the whole process (OK potentialy a bit at the beginning). OK OK OK you’re there for support, but trust me there is not much you do apart from getting in the way and feeling awkward.

Your part comes post birth… Cutting the cord! that is huge. A little scarey, and then frustrating as the scissors don’t do as good a job as you’d think, and you are cutting a part of your child. The rewards for this bit of effort of that are amazing. You get to hold your child, just you and her. I got over an hour just with her as they were getting my wife back to the room, my duty was to stay with my daughter and ensure that it was definitely her returned to her Mum. Can you imagine, having the first hour of someone’s life, just with you. What an honour.. something I will never forget.

I’d like to publically thank my wife for giving me such a wonderful family, not sure what else a man can ask for. A gorgeous wife, a mini me son, and two beautiful and darling daughters. The gifts which will last me a lifetime. I am truely blessed. THANK YOU SIM.

I’ve probably written enough here, but this is an amazing time in my life and it’s tough to stop.

Welcome to the world Lexie Jean Nuroo, we love you lots and cannot wait to see what you will bring to this world.

See photo’s here They are apparently too large to attach too this medium

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