Burpman! and other views from here

Wow, it feels liks a long time since I’ve done this… blog… seems like forever, but it’s probably only a few weeks. Honestly it’s been hard to find the time, when I’ve been immersed with my recently expanded family. I gotta tell you, it’s been a blast. Seeing the strength of my wife, the growth of my elder 2 children, and watching our recent addition carve out her early place on this planet. Whilst this time has been absolutely precious, there are of course learnings which I think we can bring to our work life.

The first one I need to write about, is something I had a little facebook joke with Geoff Webb and Paul Jacobs about my ability to make other humans burp. Geoff mentioned that it was a great Super Power to have…. and BURPMAN was born!

This has been my calling for the last (almost month), called upon to make our new little human burp or just generally pass wind. It is more technical than a mere pull of the finger my friends, it is a genuine power, which I promise to use for good and not evil. I may have inherited it from my Dad, but he only uses it personally 🙂 (sorry Dad) If you are not a parent, or don’t know the joys of doing this, let me just say the pain of these poor babies if they cannot release wind after a feed is heartbreaking.

What did this teach me in relation to the real world? INFLUENCING Skills.

Lexie doesn’t know she wants to burp, my actions and influence make this reaction inevitable. Is this not a key skill in Sales, Recruitment or Management in general?

How does what you do get YOU the result you desire? Are you watching and listening in your environment to learn what will work and what won’t? Are you sensitive to your clients and candidates, what they want, what they need? and can you find a path to make that happen for them and you? Can you influence the hiring manager to hire the best person for the role, that they just don’t see? Can you continuously find the win/win situation, and navigate a course to find it? Can you get decisions made by others, which you manufactured, yet made it their idea to ensure it flies?

No? ring the Belch Bell, Burpman can help….

These are skills you need in the workplace, any workplace.

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