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Back to the dark side or my report from my first two weeks away from an in-house role

Wow…. Just a quick check in to my first two week or so at Peerlo. To quote Usher… “OMGosh”

Firstly everyone was so welcoming, this wasn’t surprising, I’d known Riges and Kelly and had communicated with Andrea previously, so luckily enough it wasn’t a huge culture shock.

Well that was just the “hello’s”. Then the technology opened up… I mean toys, no.. sorry productivity tools. Dan has finally entered the current day technically. I am now armed with an iPhone4 a new iMac and access to a great Talent tool. Building on top of this is some of the more amazing Boolean strong I’ve seen, and some little tips have just made my mind spin. Although I thought I’d broken Google, when it stopped displaying my searches!

I”m not shy in my abilities, but, wow, I’m not sure I thought I would be learning this much. It is very busy at the moment, so I have to catch on quickly (fingers crossed).

I’ve struggled to get used to the not so corporate attire requirements, but I”m settling in well. That said, I suited up for the first two days, on the third I went a little more casual, and that day, everyone else was suited up. ahhhh a conspiracy I tells you.

It’s been interesting leaving the in-house world after so many years, the reaction I’ve received from people has definitely given me pause to think. Most of it has been positive, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing people over the years and the support and encouragement I’ve receive is something I have been really thankful for. There was however one interesting email which gave me pause to think. The whole email was around the “fact” that apparently over the years I had been publicly mean to this one agency guy, and that now I’ve left DWS I should atone for my apparent sins. uuummmm OK, not. I don’t publicly insult, undermine or insult anyone, never seen the point. More of a case of guilt by association I think. But oh well, I won’t be joining your LinkedIn group anyways.

I”m really interested to see how the market pans out. There is so much on, just focusing on the core needs is keeping me more than busy. I”m also really interested at the movement rate of the IT industry. Seriously a lot of the profiles I looked at (of which there were HEAPS) most had moved jobs in 2010, this astounded me. Well, we hypothesised that is would happen, and well, we were definitely right.

Exploring the Social media scene in a more fuller way has really opened my eyes as to how things could and should be done. The strategy and focus behind it, sounds straight forward, common sense, but to actually work with people who live and breathe it, wow, just takes it up a whole other level. I spoke to a former colleague of mine who has stepped into a new role recently, about the use of Social media and sourcing in their organisation. She tole me that there was someone there who she called a guru in the area, and then added “like you”. “Lots of room for improvement there then” I though

That’ll do me for now. Just checking in, in short, having fun, learning lots, now to make it really successful. The potential is there, I can see it, now to reach it.

Giddy up explorers.

From Cradle to Cot

It’s been an interesting few days… sitting here in Limbo, a week without a worry. No job to worry about, to check in on, or wonder if they are going alright without you. Yes, there is a heap waiting in the new role, but that isn’t feeling real yet.

Gives you some time to think. And that my friends is a dangerous thing when it comes to my blog. For those who keep up with my ramblings here, you’ll know I draw a lot of inspiration from my family, draw heaps of comparisons from daily stuff I get with kids and Recruitment. I have another for you 🙂

My youngest daughter, Lexie, now just over 4 months old, graduated from her cradle to the cot in her own room overnight. It was a big step for her, and us. But a step which will be good for her and for us in the long run. More room to grow, opportunity to play with more toys, and get some personal freedom.

When thinking about this, something hit me (and surprisingly it wasn’t my wife 🙂 love ya babe). There are similarities I am sharing with Lexie at the moment in my life. You could say I am moving from the cradle to the cot myself.

From the safeness and security of a job I’ve had for 8 years. I’ve grown and developed in it. I knew my job, I could do it in my sleep, some people may say I sometimes did. (Well I did fall asleep for a second, in an interview ONCE, but that’s a different blog post) And now I get the chance to grow, but still have that safety barrier around me. There will be new technology, techniques and toys to explore and learn. It’ll be a big new world for me, lots to explore and try, yet I’ll still have the security that I know this stuff, I know the people I’ll be working with, and you know what? It’s part of my natural evolution…. from Cradle to Cot