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Hmmmm Recruiting Dilemma…. or not

Wow… it’s been a while since I’ve blogged on here. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s just that I’ve had some other outlets, which make the something’s Dan says a little quiet.. not my normal style. October 2010 it tells me… oops

So today it is… a quiet house, a busy mind and the need to write something has made this happen.

I’ve been Recruiting for a number of years now… maybe too many, but I heard something the other day which I hadn’t heard before. Basically I’m writing to see if anyone else has had this before.

I had a new Recruiter pose a question to me, a moral question, which I’ve never thought about (and probably won’t again). His moral dilemma stemmed from the idea or perception that we were stealing people from employers. We were without any remorse, calling employed people and talking to them about other jobs, putting the their current employers at risk. “don’t you have a moral issue with that Dan?”

Huh? My response was basically, I would feel bad if there was ever a day I walked into a work place, picked someone up, against their will, walked them out the door and took them to my clients site, tied them to the desk and collected a fee. Dog the Bounty hunter style!

So I put myself in the Employers, Managers shoes. Nope still no issue! Good or bad, people come and go from your business, and you life for a mixed bag of reasons. Sure at times, I’ll be pissed off, maybe disappointed (sometimes really really happy!) when people leave, but you know what… it’s life. Now, if someone is enticed to leave, what does that really say? It says they weren’t getting everything they needed in the first place. You weren’t (as am employer) able or willing to give them what they needed in an employer, leaving them open to be enticed away by these canny Recruiters! So be it!

I’ve seen companies specifically target people from set organisations, it happens daily across the world I promise. Most work places are full of people that have worked somewhere else, so I am still lost on the issue.

Needless to say this person has now left the industry, but I’m wondering if I’m on my own here and not getting the issue? Help.