5 Lessons learned

So…. I’m now ten months into this job with Peerlo now, time flies huh?

It’s been an interesting journey, it’s been a fun journey, but I tell you what…. I feel like I’ve learned a lot, about a lot of things, even myself! So far some of the interesting discoveries have been

1) I broke a promise to myself over the last couple of years. Almost 10 years ago I promised myself that I wouldn’t out stay my welcome in a company again (after doing that) However, I think I stayed too long in my last role. Nothing against the company, this is a me thing. I got stuck in a rut, I saw the world through “What it could be” glasses as opposed to those indispensable “Reality glasses”. I kept thinking things would change, that when common sense prevailed, my role would evolve. Bottom line: Pollyanna 0 Reality 1. I see it now, deep down I probably knew it then, but knowing it and doing something about it is a completely different thing.

I can see now, how my mental stimulation has changed. Just check out my blogs (or lack thereof) of late. I used to write until all hours of the morning. I had to expire my mental energy before I could sleep… Now days, I can barely stay up passed 11 (OK I am getting old). I miss it as I really enjoy writing, but a lot of the time, once I get home, help my wife get the kids off to bed, I”m mentally stuffed.

2) I was way too nice in my last role. Not saying I’m an out and out bastard now, however, in helping to build this business I’ve found some leads, nay potential clients, I’ve known for a while, try to take advantage of me. Assuming I’d take the bottom of the barrel deal being offered and be thankful. Nope… I’m all about mutual professional respect now. Don’t want to respect me and what I do? Think you can do it better? Cheaper? Better value? By all means be my guest. My Brand, My Companies Brand won’t be placed in a subservient position. To quote Patrick Swayze “Nobody puts Baby in the Corner”

3) I don’t have to wear a suit every day to the office to be a professional or to be productive! (I actually had it in my mind that I did, this was a tough paradigm to shake!)

4) I respect myself and the industry I am in. Discussions I’ve been able to have with prospective clients, who are now real clients have been great for reaffirmation. Not that I am shy on self belief, however when your message has gotten old and stale and no-one really listens after you’ve been in a place for an eternity, it is heartening to rekindle the confidence in you do know your stuff.

5) Work life balance is achievable without the guilt. I work in an environment where maturity is expected. Families are respected. You deliver, what you say you’re going to deliver, when you say you’re going to deliver it, and you can be anywhere, doing anything (within reason)

It’s interesting. How all my roles to date have led me to this role. How everything I’ve learned about Recruiting, business, respect and fun can be encapsulated in conversations I have daily with the owner of the business. They have been the building blocks to where I am now both personally and professionally. I’m really looking forward to stacking up more of these blocks and seeing where it will take us. I have grand plans, Peerlo has grand plans…. Watch this space the boy is growing up!

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  1. Recruitment Nazi

    So, do your ‘perspective’ clients shudder at the prospective butchering of the English language you may dish out in dealings? One would have though basic English skills were a prerequisite for writing a blog, obviously not.

  2. Nice one “Recruitment Nazi”! You’re dead right, wrong word.. you sure showed me. Consider me put in my place!

    I appreciate your comments, however, would have appreciated them more if you had had a little more courage and signed your real name. Your email address of “ithinkthisblogisrubbish@yahoo.com” whilst obviously a masterfully witty and clever email address (yay you), unfortunately it’s meaningless (unless it is, then sorry for publishing it).

    At least this has been read by more than just my parents (who have to read this stuff).. hold on… My Mum pointed this mistake out to me too… (hold on.. Mum… is this you?)

  3. Can the ‘Recruitment Nazi’ please add his blog’s address so we can peruse his wonderfully witty work, I’m taking a punt that this troll hasn’t produced anything of note since he got out of nappies.

  4. I just want to say on the record that I (Holder of the RedPen) am not the above commenter… love you Dan 🙂

  5. Recruitment Nazi, perhaps you can take some of your own advice – surely when commenting on a blog you should ensure your grammar and spelling is correct, especially if you are paying someone else out about that very thing …

    quote Recruitment Nazi “One would have though basic English skills were a prerequisite for writing a blog, obviously not.”

    I believe you meant to type thought not though, never mind – these errors are easy to make. Hopefully any clients you deal with are ok with you “butchering” the English language also.

    Oh, by the way – love your work Dan 🙂

  6. haha shit that was hilarious. “One would have though basic English skills were a prerequisite for writing a blog, obviously not”. It’s funny cos he meant to say “thought” and wrote “though”. Just shows that the brain can work out what is meant to be said, and we should all try to be a little bit less anal sometimes (yes you koshaughnessy red pen holder. love you kel xox)

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