Monthly Archives: October 2011

Enraptured Photography roars into life

This is a very proud moment for me.  I’m sitting here, watching my wife as she prepares her camera, her lenses, checking the SD’s cards and charging the batteries.  Tomorrow is a huge day for my wife, she is taking officially breathing life into her business, doing her first official, genuine, client funded photo shoot.

It is amazing someone’s passion move from inkling, to interest, to passing thought, to serious thought, to planning and then reality.  I feel very blessed to have had the privilege to watch my wife metamorphosis through these stages to where we sit tonight.

Her passion and dedication to her craft inspire me, the hours, days, weeks, months, years she has dedicated to this, and to see it and her now, just swells my heart.

Her talent, from a completely unbiased husbands opinion, is just breath taking, and to see how they have progressed with her, honing her craft, with different lenses, and photoshop skills, just leaves me speechless, which if you know me is pretty impressive.

You cannot underestimate the courage launching into this business has taken.  You are putting your passion, your talent, and something very personal, out there to be seen, critiqued, judged by the world.  She fought the temptation of speed to market and just launching when the urge hit her.  She took her time, getting all her ducks in a row, to find a business name (Enraptured Photography, pretty good huh?), to design a logo, to design a Facebook page (Go and LIKE it everyone!) and the soon to be released web page.  All in the name of “getting it right”.

Our kids are getting older, and after a decent stint out of the paid workforce (as no-one can say that being a stay at home mum isn’t hard yakka, if they do, they haven’t seen one in action, or tried to replicate when she isn’t around), she had a decision to make.  Does she go back to the corporate world that she knew and thrived in, or does she take the opportunity that life, family and circumstance gave her?  She chose the road less travelled.  Effectively she has built herself a job.  In anyones language, that is seriously impressive.  A mumpreneur if you will.  She has located a market, a niche, a community which she has fully engaged and immersed herself, and now  those long hours will start to pay off.

So where so we stand now?  As of tomorrow, (ahhh crap.. it’s now today) she has passed GO, hopefully collect $200 and the game begins.  However, it is now 12.12am and we are getting a taste of reality.  It’s seems 2 kids are sick, fevers and grumpy.  Oh to be a mumpreneur! You go BABE!  Love you!