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Shhhh circle the wagons… the #TRU’s are coming… the #TRU’s are coming


It’s official, one week until @BillBoorman (it is hard to write his name normally now, but for those not on Twitter, his name is Bill Boorman) and his merry band of  “Un peeps” are hitting our shores here in Australia.

The #TRU movement has been building for a couple of years now, after a little session under a tree at Recruitfest in Canada.  For the uninitiated the #TRU stands for THE RECRUITING UNCONFERENCE, a conference which does not follow traditional conference etiquette.  I feel these conferences are all about engagement, talking with your attendees, letting them talk to each other, harnessing the knowledge of the room (or tree depending were it is held) not just the knowledge of one, and kept on track (hopefully) by a track leader.  Not sitting in a room, eating the lollies, drinking the water, and listening to people talk/preach about a topic of choice.

I feel these aren’t for the faint hearted.  You need to want to engage, to be part of something, probably not take yourself too seriously.  Which honestly, for Bill’s target demographic…. Recruiters, it shouldn’t be an issue.  Toughest part would be getting people to shut up I think.

Please note… I am yet to attend one of these, however I do stalk the #TRU hastag for all the global locations they visit, and am continuously envious when reading the thought provoking comments etc.  I’ve watched this movement grow to have global reach, making Bill a TRU (see what I did there? 🙂 ) superstar in the global Recruiting space.  I’m kinda proud watching the growth, and really stoked for Bill, as I remember when he first started his journey into Social Media.  He put himself right into it, with everything he had, man, he was everywhere, on twitter 24/7 (he promises no bots were worn out in his forming of his twitter presence), on radio shows (his own *3 I think, across multiple timezones and @animal famous show), and then his blogging prowess.  The most consistent theme on his success has been ENGAGEMENT, he talk to anyone and everyone, he responds to everyone.  That, and the fact that he knows his stuff and he is TRUly passionate about it.

I am #TRUly excited about this juggernaut coming to Australia.  Not before time may I add 🙂  Hat tip to Trevor Vas and the crew from the ATC (Australasian Talent Conference, who are coincidently have a conference the preceeding few days) for bringing Bill out earlier this year and whetting his appetite for Australia.  I had the opportunity to take Bill to the football, and expose him to the joys of our national game.  You can see from the picture how excited he got by it.  But I got an invaluable few hours (I kidnapped him from the city and made him come to my house, force fed him beer and took him to Ramsay Street), listening to the passion of Bill, and trying to learn how his mind works, now that’s a tough gig, because it just keeps moving (well not all the time 🙂 ) …. (I think this is a world exclusive… proof that Bill sleeps!)
If you get excited about exchanging ideas with like minded, globally recognised people, or just sit and learn in the presence of others.  If you are truly excited about improving yourself and getting inspiration from others, then I highly recommend getting yourself to the first Australian #TRU event. For $150 for the day…. it’s hard to go wrong…