#TRUAUS First break

Alrighty.. I had planned to live blog from here… The challenge is, when you’re involved, engaged in the conversation, it’s hard to type.

This has been a real awakening so far, mind stretching, listening to @KevinWheeler be the futurist and casting a doom and gloom idea about the future of work etc…

This conversation evolved to ATS’s and CRMs, candidate engagement, screening tools etc.. just naturally.  It is really interesting, lots of pros lots of cons, and mixed ideas… Keep an eye on the Twitter feed and it’ll grow from there…

The other room was all about Referrals, which also evolved.. I hear… be warned more will come…. if not here… get here next year…

Bill just blew the whistle, we’re going back in. Referrals here. then mobiles next room.

OK logging off.. 🙂 see you on Twitter…

PS the muffins rocked!

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