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For the third track of the day, there were choices.  The session started with Bill (FaceBook), Martin Warren (LinkedIn) and Paul Jacobs (Google+) each doing an Elevator pitch of 3 minutes (yes it was a big building for the elevator ride) as to  why you should use their product.  Those following the Twitter feed would have noticed a slightly competitive theme around Google+ about now.  I feel that LinkedIn won, but please forgive the feed from the Google+ people.. they really don’t like to lose.

We then broke off into the tracks to discuss each one.  I had to learn about Recruiting on Facebook, so I essentially sat at the feet of Bill (whose knowledge and passion for this is amazing) and tried to soak up as much knowledge as I could.

I’ll note down some points I made along the journey…..  (FB = Facebook, incase you haven’t figured it out)

  • FB… don’t make page a recruitment page, make it a community page. A place where people will visit
  • community page is to get people to come back.. Then look at who’s talking about it
  • Traditional job ads don’t normally work on FB… but ads for community where jobs could be are effective.
  • Advertise on FB exact opposite to traditional.. You can be (and have to be ) more targetted.. “Interest based targetting” adverts… ie company, trade, name, where live, interests etc… Even for a person specifically…. all for around $0.05
  • The “talking about this” stat is a better tool to measure engagement than “likes”
  • In FB… pictures are more important than words
  • You want your content to be shared, and the most shared content on FB is ads, photos or video
  • If you are having a jobs part of FB, you only ever want to be one click away from an application.  Look at Work4Labs for a cool tool.
  • Pagemodo $75 a year for design of  a FB page… (Yeah I’m sure there are others)
  • Check branchout… basic information…
  • You can search your own network, and look at a “friends” Friends… then can search from employer, academics interested of people’s “Friends” ie if known work for set company etc…
  • FYI… you can message anyone from FB… use like LI for connections…. If targeted properly FB messages have a 96% open rate from messages… video messages more efective
  • Other platforms to explore Branchout, Benown, Brave New Talent too…
  • Livestream… from your wall to interact… live chats.. tinychat… all from wall twitter etc…
  • How to sell?  Bill just showed results… Numbers on FB, Showed numbers from an interest based search, showed how intricate a search could be.  Success, shown that FB number one source of hire for Oracle in APAC
  • Check Socialbaker re stats…
  • Why FB over others? Facebook is the “Life Channel” everyone visits.. LinkedIn people rarely visit and overly populated by Recruiters
  • Bill Boorman stat.. 76% of Australians on line are o Facebook!
  • 65% profiles have professional info.. 30% have mobile phone number findable
  • All Marketing for the FB channel was done internally.. Get your team on board and contributing, sharing etc.  Outside people want to know what it’s like to work there by people who already do!
  • The key with Recruitment on FB is using imagination and thinking about your target audience and how they think and what they like..
  • You need to think about what people would Share.  Ensure you tag things properly etc.. can get viral more…
We then expanded to other Channels… Highlights from that… Did you know…
  • Skype is a great place to source, lots of open profiles… AND you can call them straight away! Love it
  • You can search Youtube for comments for people… re areas of expertise (wordpress too… ) so target comments around topics you (OK your ideal candidate) are interested in (can’t wait to have the time to try these!)
Bills final point, when asked why, when he wrote a post a couple of years ago saying that FB will not be a place to source candidates from. He said he:
  • Prefers to discount on fact not opinion.  He didn’t think Recruiting on FB would work, but hadn’t tried it.  Once he tried it, his mind opened up, and has seriously achieved some wonderful things.

A great forum to talk about this in the #TRU space, a true sharing of information and exchange of ideas, can’t wait until next years


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