Another Era ends…. another about to start….

Here we go again! Another jump into the unknown.  As you may have noticed from my LinkedIn profile I have resigned and subsequently left Peerlo as of Tuesday (last week).

My leaving Peerlo, sees the end of one of the more enjoyable era’s of my career.  I’d like to thank the teams that I worked with at Peerlo, I had an absolute blast and learned one hell of a lot.  I have to say, these guys know their stuff.

I suppose, I also learned a lot about me, if not learned, I confirmed what I knew about myself in the first place…  My passion lies in adding value to companies and being able to make a tangible and visible difference. Rightly or wrongly, I feel this can be better achieved from within a business, not from the outside looking in.  With that in mind, I’m heading back in-house, with a company that  I feel, “gets it”, who understand what I am prattling on about and are excited at giving it a go and seeing where it will head (hopefully to a huge competitive advantage that I have been telling them 🙂 )

So, wish me luck as I launch into this… I’m pretty excited, hopefully they are too.  I look forward to sharing more soon…


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