Monthly Archives: January 2012

Starting out

This Monday I began 2012 professionally.  I left the house early (my wife says a little too excitedly), parked the car at the train station, put the earphones into the iPhone and opened up a brand new book.  Awesome right?

Then I got to the book, you know, you have to read through a whole lot of scene setting to get to the meat of the story.  This is pretty painful sometimes, annoying, drawn out.  I was thinking, let me get to the guts of it.  “Let’s GO!”  Interesting I thought.  It kind of corresponded with where I am at with my new role (that I’ve previously blogged about)

Setting the scene, building the foundation so that the rest of the year flows.  Common sense right? Essential some may say.  I’m not sure what it’s like for others but I just love getting runs on the board.. it feeds the inner show off in me I suppose.  It is hard for me to pull back and not just go headlong into GO GO GO!! However from what we have in place so far, I’m getting more and more excited about the year ahead.

It’s forcing me to get to know the company and its people.  Not to make assumptions, and just get stuff happening that I enjoy and think is good, but not represent the brand appropriately.  It allows me to challenge my own assumptions, and potentially some long held assumptions in-house, you know, those “it’s just always been done that way” points.  It allows me to ask the stupid questions in the quest for information gathering, it forces me to engage the company individually and as a whole, to engage and then… if all goes to (evolving) plan, make 2012 a year to remember (for good things of course).

What is the plan?  Well that’s still formulating.  The wheels are turning, most are in motion, I’m hoping what happens on the last page of the 2012 story is what we outlined now in the scene setting part of the year.