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Musings from #Rectec12, OK it’s not timely!

Ok it’s no secret that I love conferences.  The meeting of people, the sharing of ideas, sometimes the food and the vendors peddling their wares around the outside, but essentially I love the feeling of immersion in my career, in what I do, hearing new ideas, and getting new sparks to go back to the office and cause havoc with.  All these things were present at Phil Tusings latest Rectec.

This is the first Rectec I have attended, and I wasn’t let down.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, hoping to learn about some new tools and tricks I hadn’t heard of before and getting some perspectives on my world of Recruitment from people I didn’t know yet!  Ticks all round please

Firstly props to Phil for assembling such a great tribe of presenters and to Dave G for wrangling them all into line and keeping the conference on track (not an easy feet in a room full of Recruiters who love a good chat).

Quite simply, I need to just talk about my highlights or I will be writing forever, so here goes.  Apologies for those I don’t mention.

Brad Cook kicked us off in fine style.  A talk from the trenches if you would, someone who has built, driven, analysed and built again recruiting processes and metrics which have had a serious business impact, especially to his current company, Informatica.  It looked like you really need a big budget and high level support to achieve things, but he shared a lot of free ideas too.  Lots of food for thought and things to investigate once back in the office.

Mark Havercroft took to the stage in a relaxed and comfortable manner, I suppose you can when you are representing IBM.  He too spoke about BIG DATA, but introduced me to “Innovation Man” a truly superb character, reinforcing the need to actually put some of this “high level” talk, and “wishful thinking” into action.

Andrew Butow, a young guy I hadn’t heard about before, took to the stage in what can only be described as infectious enthusiasm.  I think he infected the whole crowd and had everyone eating out of his had throughout his presentation in “Gamification”.  It really was a memorable presentation.  He alluded to the fact that (sorry folks) gamification is nothing new, it’s always been there, just in different guises.  The old “Corporate ladder” being the most recognisable.  He was able to transfix the crowd and even convert a few nay sayers in the process, there was a great buzz around the room after this, and probably quite a few plans hatching or at least conversations being had in Recruiting departments across the country.

Carolyn Chyams, what can I say about Carolyn? A practical and entertaining presentation.  It was great to finally meet her in person and then see the tips and tricks her and Hannah Savage have plotted on Social Media to get the Firebrand brand where it sits today.  (For those who haven’t heard about what they have done with the Firebrand brand….. where have you been? )  Pulling back the screen a little and really sharing, I have pages of notes (Yes, I even got off Twitter and took copious of hand written notes which I am happy to say I can still read!)

Mike Casey, I remember when Grad connection was just run by 3 young guys who wanted to have fun and live the dream.  Nothing has changed there 🙂 The self proclaimed nerds, who understand this internet stuff so the rest of us plebs don’t need to, well, Mike really threw some spanners in the works for me.  He added to the stats we’d been hearing all day about the rise and rise of mobile technology, with a practical step forward.  In the process he kind of contradicted one of the other presenters about the need for an app versus a mobile ready product.  His term of “Mobile first Development” really hit a nerve with me.  It caused me to get straight on the phone to my business and change the scope of development for our website.  So Devs, blame Mike for your extra workload, but it’s going to be fun learning about HTML5, ResponsiveCSS and Bootstrap isn’t it?

You really need to be thankful for a conference where you can get some information, have some conversations with industry thought leaders and walk away with some insights, some ideas and some ways to practically implement.  So much for a quiet period leading into Christmas.  Congrats to all involved again, a great day Phil.

From the archives: still valid today… “Lessons from an Evil Boss”

As is my want, I occasionally l drift through old blog posts to see if my thinking has changed much over the years.  Here’s one I found from March 2009.  I can remember what I was feeling as I wrote this and it is still relevant for me today, and sadly topical in the Consulting world we live in.  Lessons from an Evil boss, looks at dealing with redundancy, and letting people go in a human way, understanding that while it is tough on the person telling someone they don’t have a job anymore, it is harder to hear, ensure that you keep your levels of respect high.

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