R.I.P Brother

So, here I am, alone with my laptop, after quite a few loud and busy, thankfully distracting, and joyous days.  It would not surprise people to know that I’ve written a blog full of hopes and aspirations for 2013 and reflecting on 2012.  I wrote this naturally on the day of New Year’s Eve, with the aim of posting it, in a timely manner on New Years Day, after all the festivities and fun that traditionally go with this time of year.

Waking up early on New Years Day courtesy of my darling 2 year old daughter, I was kind of grumpy when the phone rang pre 8am.  You can probably guess what I was muttering to myself.  I then got some news which basically made my previous blog, and the 177 or so before them redundant dross.

You see it was my parents with the inaudible news that my eldest brother, Rodney Clarence Nuroo had passed away in the wee hours of 2013.  It seems his body just stopped, it was his time.

As a big brother, we were a generation apart, he was born 15 years before me, that has some advantages for a boy like me.  I remember him offering me $1 a goal as a young budding AFL player in my primary school years, I mean how cool did you reckon that was for a young boy? Not so good for him as I got 70 odd goals that year, but he didn’t grump handing it over, makes me smile thinking of the pride he showed as he gave me cash in an amount I’d never seen before.  There was the odd uncomfortable image which springs to mind, one being him in (only) his budgie smugglers helping our Dad put in a retaining wall.  I don’t need a photo to remember that I’m afraid.  One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen was my brother trying to master the art of wind surfing one family holiday, lets just say he wasn’t a natural..

One of the disadvantages of being a generation apart, is the fact that he (and one of my two sister’s) had all but grown up by the time I turned up on the scene.  They both made some decisions as young people which sadly cost me quite a few of my formative years of knowing them.

To describe my brother, sadly, Collingwood Supporter is right up there in what you need to say.  He loved talking footy, his beloved Magpies and basically hanging shit on you if your team was up against them.  Especially if, like me you went for Carlton, I knew I’d get calls, I loved the banter, and how silent my phone went if by chance Carlton won.  To his credit, he answered his phone if they lost and took his medicine.

He was all about family. That is not just a token statement, it is a full blown fact.  He’d tell me off for calling him “mate”.  “I’m not your mate! I’m your bro!” he’d say.  I got away with saying “you’re both”.  He loved a natter on the phone, and the advent of his discovery of Facebook, allowed him the ability to keep in touch in another way.  Say what you will about that medium, it was great for him, and us.  Both my wife and I had many many DM chats with him here.

With this in mind, he was in absolute bliss in (what we now know) was the last wek of his life.  His son, my nephew and his beautiful bride announced to the world on Christmas day the amazingly great news that they are expecting their first child.  You can imagine the joy this bought him.  His pride and joy, Rohin and Emma, bringing another being to the clan.  You couldn’t find a prouder man in a days walk.  A great happy man, always with a laugh, always accepting of people at face value, and always handy with a word and a beer for you, generous of spirit who would do anything for you if you needed it.  His attention and helpfulness to our Dad in the last few years, when Dad needed it is something I cannot thank him enough for and for being my secret inside word on Dad’s health, when I wasn’t sure I was getting the whole story from my parents 🙂

It’s really hard to believe, I’m still kind of numb to the fact to be honest, the home coming on Tuesday will not be what we’d hoped for but it will be a time to say good bye.

Good bye bro, I love you, I’ll miss ya, the world is worse for its loss, but better for having you part of it. I’m proud to be known as your brother.  Rest in Peace

Rodney Clarence Nuroo


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  1. You are in y thoughts and prayers

  2. Dan, so sorry to hear about this. He sounds like a great guy – and I love that you’re able to think and write about the funny happy memories you have of him.

  3. Dan, I am so sorry to hear about your brother – what a beautiful tribute to him…we will hold you and your family in our thoughts and prayers…

  4. Dan, Dan. I am so sorry to hear of your brothers passing. It must have been such a shock. Very sad news. What a lovely blog remembering his life. Take care. Chels x

  5. Sally cullinane

    Hi Dan, so sorry to hear about your brother. Sally Gerald and Patrick

  6. Oh Dan and Sim I am sooo sorry to hear about the passing of your brother. I can not imagine how you all must be right now. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Thinking of you all at this sad time……. Cassy

  7. Dan,

    I knew your brother well in my earlier years. Only just learned of his passing. He was a great mate and I feel for your loss.

    Please say hi to Lindi for me.

    Craig Windram

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