Cliche for the world: MY New Year’s resolution: Operation Bullfrog Drop!

OK I cheated…. I wrote this post over two weeks ago, but due to tragic circumstances, I’ve previously noted, it was not appropriate to post this.

That said, with a (not so) subtle push from my Dad, this is something I will make a reality this year!


Just like a great bandwagon, I’ve never met a cliché I didn’t like, so with that in mind, let’s take a look back and forward and publicly put the pressure on myself to what I’ll achieve.

2012 was pretty good, we had Talia start school and blossom through her year in Prep.  Her school report was a testament to that.  It really tired her out though, all the work she put in week in week out, saw her really tired at each weeks end.  She’d matured so much, both Sim and I have been and are, really proud.

We saw the maturing of our son Zach too.  His first year as “one of the big boys” in his composite class of Grade one’s and Grade two’s, saw him come to grips with some responsibility and really improve over the year, bringing home some great results and comments in his report that were really great to read.  This year also saw Zach start competitive football, something that he really grasped well, and was able to hone his competitive juices.  To keep these juices flowing, he started soccer in summer and has now really embraced cricket.  he may make our weekends disappear for quite a few years to come I feel.

Lexie, has become her own little person, 2.5 now, she’s started talking…. lots, she’s lost her Dummy, gone into the big bed in some bunks with her sister and is really starting to make her mark on this family, pretty sure we will all be her pawns soon, doing all her bidding without knowing we’re doing it.

Wifey, has had a big year too, honing her photography skills, and really starting to get her business cranking.  This is so exciting for me to watch and fills me with pride watching her go for it.  Seeing what she produces after all the hard yards she has put in to learn is testament to her and something she will look back with fond memories in the years that follow us.  The images she is producing are (without any bias) just magnificent, I’ve had the privilege to see some of her clients faces when they have first viewed some of her larger prints.  I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings for her.

Personally, it’s been an interesting year.  One I’ve learned a bit, struggled at times but stayed happy for most of it.  I started a new job in the last week pre Christmas 2011, an interesting time to start, but I am grateful for it.  Who says hiring stops in December!  It has been a tumultuous year in this new job, having to deal with a fading market, some initial issues of acceptance of me starting, some redundancies and performing outplacement help for those affected.   It was great seeing the team stick to their guns and keep stepping up to the plate and we started to see some rewards for their efforts towards the end of the year.

I got to do something that has been a goal for a little while now.  I was invited to speak at a conference. SOSU12 was the occasion, Phil Tusing invited me and scarily enough, it was really fun.  Even though, my laptop died a day or so before hand, my notes didn’t show on their version of Powerpoint, and their was no moisture in my mouth.  The heckling was to a minimum (thanks) and I got to throw in a few cliché’s there for myself and inserting Chuck Norris into it.

I got to be involved in some IT projects, which isn’t huge in itself, especially after 15 years in the industry.  It gave me some interesting insights to what the people I work with and hire day in day out go through, even at a smaller level. (Hats off to them, it has been a frustrating experience)

Now, 2013?? What will it bring? I’m not going to speak on behalf of my family, I just  hope continued growth for the kids, and happiness and success for my wife.  I would like to be able to keep bringing it.  Adding value to most situations I am in, both personally and professionally, there are some areas where I really do need to step it up in 2013, sadly, I’m not a kid anymore.  Really is time to step it up. I hope to become more handy around the house, it is a skill I am extremely deficient in, but something I do enjoy doing, the feeling of well “yay” when I actually fix something, I need to learn more about this in 2013.  I rely too heavily on some of the older gents in my sphere to help fix things, namely my Dad and my Father in law, whilst this is great, and I love working with them (OK for them) when a job gets done around the house, I need to know stuff too, if for no other reason, to help my kids out when they get older and need me for things.

For me personally, well there is one large goal I have for myself.  I am publicly saying it, so feel free to bag me, harass me or call me out if I slack away from this goal.  I need to lose weight!  It’s got to that stage.  The bullfrog blowing out beneath my chin, needs to go, my spare tyre seemingly has graduated from a tyre from a mini to a spare of a Monster Truck!  My Daughters cannot even get their arms around me when giving me a hug, and I get out of breathe way quicker than I used too.  There is a photo in my wallet, one of my wife and I when we were 18, fresh faced and just started going out.  My kids know it’s mum, but have no idea who the guy is sitting with her and why it is in my wallet.  I told them I ate that guy and became me (I even have cheek bones here, I wonder where they are? From memory, I even had ribs).


Whilst I cannot commit to getting that guy back (as I know I cannot reclaim my youth no matter how young I act) I may lose a few sizes of this guy typing here today.  I haven’t decided what measures I will be taking, but there must be more physical activity, less sugar (sadly that most likely means soft drink and lollies) and a better mindset for it.  It’s not just the fact that I want to look a little better, it’s a health thing too!  We had a “health check” at work this year, and let’s just say this, it wasn’t pretty.  Couple this with a little health scare (even if it was all in my mind it seems), it’s pretty clear that measures have to be taken.  So…. after the new year festivities are gone and forgotten, as they say in the (not so) classics.  “Game on mole!”  Operation Bullfrog Drop is ON!  Wish me



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