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What would my 10 year old self say to me?


There’s lots of blogs around at the moment in regards to what you would say to the 22 year old version of yourself if you could.

I’m taking a different look. I’m reaching a birthday milestone soon, which is kind of confronting, I’m turning 40. (I’ll wait ’til the gasps of horror and disbelief die down before continuing……… go on… take your time……. Ready? OK) I was thinking, I wonder what the 10 year old me would say to me now?

First I think there would be some shock and disappointment that I wasn’t a Superhero (well I couldn’t admit it even if I was could I, they’re not called secret identities for nothing!), didn’t play test cricket for Australia or captain Carlton. He may be shocked that I fell in love with a girl and married her and raised a family, I mean girl germs.. ewww. (The teenage me…

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