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Do You WOO!

From the archives, getting more relevant today as our market continues to heat up.


Is Recruiting still Recruiting? Or are we just intermediaries, forging introductions between an individual and a company?

Hard core Recruiting to me is actively finding/locating, courting and convincing talent that our client or company is the place for them. You see it a lot is sporting fields. High level executives etc. It can’t happen all the time I get that. But with all the talk of Talent Pooling at the moment. How do we look after our candidates?

How do you woo them? And when does the wooing stop?

I heard a story about Jerry Albright recently which inspired me. Jerry is one of my favourite Recruiting personalities and fonts of information. He gets it and keeps things real and has a great product (OK exit product placement). Legend has it he drove 6 hours to meet a candidate. He cared, he sensed he needed to do that for…

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Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad asses in APAC featuring – Dan Nuroo

Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad asses in APAC featuring – Dan Nuroo.


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My take on F-Gate

For those of you in the Recruiting game in Australia and NZ, you’ve probably noticed there’s a couple of officianado’s going toe to respectful toe with wet lettuces over the use of the F bomb in a Recruitment Ad. Check this and this.

It’s kinda funny. Well, here’s my 2 cents.  After a lot of soul searching, in-depth analysis and reading all the blogs and comments. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and well, this is what I think about the issue.


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.54.12 amSpare me.  There are sooooooo many minutes of my life I won’t get back due to the reading of these posts.  I’m sorry brain.

Not to sit on the fence or anything, but really? Both have some good points.  I’ve never been a fan of the idea that there is one way of doing things, who cares if people are trying stuff? I applaud that.  Would I drop the “Magic” in an ad or a bit of external communications for my organisation? No, but then again my company doesn’t roll that way (officially! Of course we swear and muck around in the office, out at drinks, social events etc, but that’s not the image we want to present)

I’m not saying either approach is right or wrong.  It’s a horses for courses kind of scenario isn’t it?

The choice of how to present your company and your opportunity is dependant on your organisation and how you want to be perceived.  I’m going out on a limb and assuming that this is the message that Vend wants to put across.  People will opt out because of it, and others will opt in, that’s the goal right?  The business goal of the Recruitment advertising is to attract the right person to the job.  FULL STOP, no if buts or maybe’s.  That is the purpose.

Reading the “Wolf of Wall Street”, there was a part when the main character was editorialised in the Wall Street journal in an unpleasant way.  Well, they just spoke about the company realistically.  Some people were obviously disgusted, whilst others were inspired and they were beating away applicants at the door the next day.  From a Recruitment point of view…. that’s a big win.

People have branded this attempt at something different as akin to the spoilt brat in the playground shouting “look at me”.  I see that as a lazy and pompous.  Sure they are most definitely shouting “Look at us!” but they are shouting to what they perceive as their audience.  If it’s not your cup of tea then… click on the next ad.  Don’t pour cold water on them for doing this.  Just because you wouldn’t do it yourself doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just makes it different.  And that’s OK