From me to you… let’s get better


Forgive me blogosphere for I have sinned… it has been…. ummm, I mean, ummmmm, 6 months, 12 months  ummm a really long time since, I have blogged.

Why? I hear.  Basically, life has been really hectic, a) with work, b) a growing family, c) moving house, d) all of the above or e) insert excuse here.

I miss it, I do.  I miss the spark it gives me, the mental challenges it sets me, the connections it gives me with peers and colleagues across the world. So, bugger it.  I’ve decided to get back on the bike, so to speak. (although I really do need to do something a little more active… that too is on the list)

Here’s the thing,  I love talking about Recruitment.  I’m one of those old Recruiters, who started Recruiting before the internet, but I still love to see what else is being done out there.  I love the innovation, the ideas, I love the challenges of the status quo, even if I could be seen (sometimes) as the status quo.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Recruitment in all its glory, I’ve pulled back to kimono, so to speak and am realistic about the market we play in.  I watch, I debate, I discuss, I cringe, and I even sometimes hold my tongue.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve been fortunate to be asked to mentor a number of young Recruiters around Melbourne. I love it.

Let me lay this on the line.  I want to put back into the industry some more.  I want to help make better Recruiters. I struggle to make all the meet-ups etc that happen around the place, with family commitments vs work commitments and just life, however, I still want to help. I love being involved with people like Trevor Vas and Phil Tusing and what they both bring to our market as it continues to evolve, if you haven’t had a chance to attend one of their conferences yet, trust me you’re missing out.

So, what am I offering? In short, me.  (Google me, which I’m sure you’d do before doing this anyways) Recruiters, if you want someone to talk to, someone who has been there and done that, probably has the T-Shirt to prove it, someone to help guide and maybe predict a couple of speed humps for you, then that is me.  I will challenge, I will understand, I will listen.  Let us find some time to commit, to help improve our market.  Comment here (or find a way to email me or DM me) and I’ll select one person to mentor for free (promise).

So there it is, myself on a platter so to speak.  Will I be stampeded or deafened by the crickets? Only one way to find out (hits publish)


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