Most effective Recruitment campaigns

I’ve been doing this role for many many years now, I’ve seen many things, many ways of doing things.  I love watching different ways of doing things.  I love seeing the importance of Recruitment in sporting events/teams, seeing it in different businesses, watching “Moneyball”, seeing auditions, reality tv shows, it all counts from where I sit, the tragic that I am.  I love trying to implement certain traits into what I do.

We’ve looked at big data, we’ve run auditions, role plays, we’ve stalked, we’ve headhunted, we’ve convinced and we’ve looked at blind applications.  In short we given lots of things a go.

That said, I’ve just witnessed one of the best run Recruiting campaigns (for lack of a better term)  It took me a while to see it as a Recruitment campaign, but a Recruitment campaign under any other name…….

Network Marketing.  It looks like a pure sales driven environment.  “Quick buy this, specials here, sell this, you know you’ll love it, it’ll change your life.”  But looking closer, the sales in itself is not their main goal.  You see, one person buying the products means nothing to them.  One person, buying product, doesn’t make the money.  One person buying the product, recommending to friends, and them recommending to friends, selling for them etc, that’s where the money is.  The money is volume, volume is money.  The more people selling, the more people buying, the more money “making money” from suck concept, means more money for the company.  More makes more right ?

I’m sure we all know someone involved with organisations such as these.  I need to tip my hat, they really are successful Recruitment machines.  They have ticked all the boxes.  Building a need, building an excitement, cultivating the passion, great examples and case studies for people to see success and to be able to picture themselves being successful, closing, inducting and repeat.  These machines are amazing.  I’m intrigued at watching them in action, and if you’ve ever been to a meeting, then you’ll see the amount of Kool-aide being passed around.

They really can sell the “What’s in it for me” part of the process well.  People can personalise it, embody it, feel it.  And they sign up, whether they sell, or Recruit themselves is the kicker.  But enough into the funnel, enough comes out, it’s a fact that has always worried me, but is true.

Let me know some of your inspirations behind Recruitment campaigns you’ve been in… Please comment, I love this stuff..

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