Thanks for the 25

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My son was doing a coaching session the other day and the concept of asking questions.

I’ve always been a big fan of asking questions, I suppose it’s why Recruiting has worked so well for me over the years. But for some, there has always been a fear. “I’ll look stupid” “They’re too busy to answer that” all ideas that stop questions being asked. The coach said something really profound, and I don’t think I will forget it, it resonated with my son and with me.

It went a little something like this… (not direct quotes of course)

“Have you ever been asked for help?”


“when you were asked for help and you were able to assist, how did it make you feel?”

“really good. It made me happy that I was able the help someone”

“So it felt good right? You weren’t annoyed that they asked you? You didn’t think they were dumb?”

“yeah, I mean no.”

“OK then, by not asking for help, your robbing someone of that feeling. Why would you want to rob someone of that feeling?” “Most people like to help. Why not allow them that happy feeling?”

I seriously think I heard a penny drop. Only time will tell of course.

It reminded me of one of the early day sales training courses I went on. It was a Brian Tracey course. It’s burned into my memory, and this would have been late 1990s. One memory I have is that he spent the majority of the time trying to sell his motivational/sales training cassette tapes (google them kids). That made me frustrated, because although I did have the day off to do this training, I felt like it was wasting my employers money, trying to get more out of us. “all that time in your car or in transit going to sales meetings is dead time! Use that time, slip these tapes into your walkman (again google it kids) and you’ll be learning at the same time” I can still feel the cringe.

However, I did get one other thing out of that training session which has stuck with me. That alone was worth the price of admission. I have been to many other courses over the years, which I can’t even remember, so maybe, despite the cringe, it was worth it.

Brian was talking about cold calling. That horrific, terrifying, soul destroying activity which is the bane of a lot of sales people’s lives. Brian mentioned he loved it. He was an over the top American type, very rah rah ish, so that was no surprise. However, he then explained why.

He’d figured out it took him 4 phone calls to make a dollar. Therefore every phone call was worth 25 cents. Good, bad or indifferent. So, if on one of those calls he got his ass handed to him he mentally just hung up and said “Thanks for the 25 cents”. At the end of a long day calling with little success, he knew still that each call made him 25 cents. It drove him on. Put away his fear and kept moving him forward.

I was talking with someone the other day about this very thing. I’ve decided to try to be a little proactive in my job search. I’m connecting with people and asking questions, throwing out ideas to find somewhere that needs the value I can add. I know the timing is tough, I know I’ll get a lot of rejections or “not right now” responses. But you know, what’s the worst thing that can happen? Someone says no? Someone says not right now? “Thanks for the 25!.”

But what if I get a “let’s talk more” or even better a “yes”?

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