JUST TURN UP: Job search advice from the unemployed

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Blogging about Recruitment and job hunting is tough when you’re unemployed. There is a heap of “information” or tips and tricks out there, you can’t get onto LinkedIn without tripping over some thought leaders advice, or some silver bullet to secure your next job.

Reading all these and doing all the points and still not being successful in landing that dream job could be (and is) demoralising. I thought I’d add to the noise. I mean it’s what I’ve been doing since before the turn of the century, I’d like to think I have some idea. 

Saying that, I’m writing this from my desk at home, not as an employee working from home but as someone who has been looking for work for the last couple of months. This Co-vid market is harsh.

Here’s what I’ve done.

My game plan has evolved around a multi pronged approach.

a) Low hanging fruit.

  • Daily check in on job boards, alerts etc. Devise and supply resume’s accordingly. Keeping records to ensure follow up if possible, or making the phone calls first. But that’s not as easy as it used to be. Doesn’t seem like lots of Recruiters want to get calls.

b) Networking.

  • Working through my network as consistently as possible, connecting, and asking for any leads. I have a daily list I build.

c) Build my own role – Target companies. Part I

  • Looked at the market, devised a plan of attack and a value proposition of myself and approached companies. I also have a daily list for this.

d) Build my own role – Offer services idea. Part II

  • I’ve had an idea I’ve been brewing for many years, but have never acted on it. I’ve decided, “what’s the worst thing that could happen if I give it a try?” So I’m working on a side hustle. This is a new prong, we’ll see how it goes as I refine and sharpen the message.

I’ve redrafted my resume, I’ve prepped for interviews, I’ve pimped my LinkedIn profile. I’ve done my research and followed up. And yet, that right opportunity hasn’t quite materialised as yet.

So, here’s my number one tip for a job search. JUST TURN UP

I’m learning I need to put my ego aside and just turn up. Do the hard yards every day. I’m learning not to dwell on the past, why things happened the way they have. I’ve accepted it’s a tough market, especially for Recruiters. Have you seen the numbers of applications for advertised roles? I’ve reset my expectations of my submitted applications, it’s a tough gig for those sitting in the reviewing chair. Mentally and emotionally understand that it is a tough market and it’s not just you, getting both of those in check is super important (and to be honest not something that happens every day)

I’m accepting the rejections or the “not just now” responses as a statement on the market not on myself and I’m working on the next thing. But showing up, going to work for myself and my family, doing the hard yards that is my job at the moment.  I know it will pay off, but only if I put my ego in check and keep turning up.

Brew more coffee, let’s go!

Wayne Gretski “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

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