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Back to the #HRFutures 2 – Post Morning Tea

This is part II of a series dedicated to the #HRFutures conference held in Melbourne recently. It has been a busy time of late in the office, so unfortunately it has taken me a little while to get to the next part in my series.

Just to recap for those just joining me here.

While Sean Lew introduced us to the ideas of WIKI’s and how applied to a business, next up were a couple of guys from Atlassian, namely Joris Luijke and Matt Hodges, to talk about the provision of HR solutions through the use of WIKIs.

I hope the people at Atlassian don’t mind me posting this, if so, let me know and it’ll be gone 🙂

I had not (embarrassingly enough) heard of this product before, and it did seem like I was the only one in the room. (FYI to further add a tinge of redness to my face, I later found out my company uses this product, just no-one had told me, or the rest of the Recruitment HR team. It seems it was implemented in a cunningly quiet way for some interesting strategic reasons I’d best not go into).

Now these guys, whilst skilled presenters were the best ambassadors for a company I have seen in a while, I really hope when I speak about my company I can speak as passionately. Surprisingly it didn’t seem too salesy, which I must admit was a concern at the start for me. Again this presentation raised lots of questions and brought out lots of ideas for me which were quickly scribbled on my note pad as I didn’t want to miss anything. My eyes were really starting to be opened to the possibilities of deploying anything 2.0 into an organisation. Also, some pride etched its way into me, hearing about the success of such a great “little” Australian company, how hadn’t I heard of this earlier. Note to self, get your head out of the sand!

Thomas Shaw was next up, with a presentation around the idea of Recruitment in the Web2.0 world. I was prepared for this, a) I’d met Thomas the previous week at another briefing, b) we’d been Twittering and blogging over a number of sites and c) I’d had a quick look at the presentation the previous night after he’d twittered it was up on slideshare already. Sorry Thomas 🙂 It didn’t spoil the ending though. Thomas is a deep thinker about this area, and is very serious in its application, some of the things he finds on the web on a daily basis astound me.

Thomas spoke gave me more things to think about (again a great sign in a conference for me, I don’t go for answers, I go to help open me up mentally). He spoke of things like the growing amount of Aggregators in the Australian job market space and that the time of job boards is coming to an end. I learned however about a number of tools and uses for Twitter, I had no idea about some of the secret Twitter language, ie #HAJ (signifies that you have a job for someone) and #NAJ (signifies that you need a job) and the ability to add an RSS feed into Twitter (OK I am technically challenged, I only learned about the old RSS feed about a year ago), using FlickR for recruitment purposes, and of course the importance of having your companies website, the landing website if you push traffic somewhere, needing to be top notch and tailoring to the job seeker. (using tech like Buzznumbers to find it as to ensure it is working you need to be able to measure and manage the data coming in). You can see the slides from Thomas’ presentation here.

I hope Thomas doesn’t mind me doing this… Thomas? OK?

He also had a pretty tough time to present as he was the last cab off the rank before lunch, a notoriously tough time to present, just under the presentation at the end of the day which could be keeping people from their beverage of choice. I’ve consistently enjoyed watching Thomas’ thoughts via blog and his passion about the industry via Twitter, he didn’t disappoint when presenting live!

I definitely went to lunch, wrapped at what I had heard in the morning, aching to see what post lunch dished up!