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Dan on Dan

Can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written on here. I must have been busy, but here I am sitting down, renewing my relationship with my old friend… the BLOG… It’s literally been years.

It’s a great release though, so here I am.

Redundant again. My “job for life” didn’t really live up to the hype. Just like the “Never ending story” it came to an end. Sad, frustrating, scary, disappointed, helpless, angry, numb, thirsty, hungry, grateful, hopeful and resolute. All the emotions I felt after I had the conversation with my old business when I was informed via MS teams and a script that my position was redundant. (mental note… THE POSITION… must remember that Dan)

This won’t be a “woe is me” type blog, not will it be an uplifting “all the things you can do once laid off” blog. This will be a little more real.

Like everything challenging in life, you tend to think this won’t happen to you. Watching the news, reading all the reports, people getting sick, losing jobs, care packages, stimulus packages from the government, industries crippled, confusion about rules, risks of people our parents age, travel bans (from even your house). I mean how is this crap happening? Did I flip onto a movie channel?

How can you feel sorry for yourself when there is so much worse happening in the world than losing a job? Thousands are being killed by this invisible bitch. You’re above the grass (as my Dad would say) You’re stuck in lock down (or what ever it is officially called in Australia) with your wife and kids, there’s no wallowing. You need to be an example. Right?

“It’s business, not personal” I wonder how many times that little idiom has been said over the last few weeks. That’s BULLSHIT though. It’s personal to the person hearing it. The person who’s the primary bread winner, the provider, the protector. It’s earth shattering. I’ve been on both ends of this conversation, telling people their position isn’t required (in the business’ opinion) sucks, I know. BUT, I guarantee you that hearing it and facing that stark reality of being unemployed is WAY worse.

My process for this? Firstly, disbelief, I mean “what the f*$#”??? Looking the family in the eye and telling them, that their Dad and husband is a statistic now. He’s not the first or the last that this will happen too, but we need to adjust our life for a while whilst he gets his shit together. Reality check. No one is sure how long this will take. You could say I was a stoic mess. Worse case scenarios ran through my head all night, it was a long night. I hit solution mode. Man I scrambled over job boards, updated my LinkedIn, started doing my resume, looked at CentreLink (it was down at 2.30am ??? not a great sign), I was on fire.

I decided in those wee hours that the next day had to be one of action. Once I awoke, after falling asleep on the laptop in some weird angle on the couch. I showered, shaved, put product in my hair and decided to get back to work. This was BIG as I’d already been working from home for almost two weeks so I was a little scruffy and the hair on my face and top of my head had been sadly neglected. See, ACTION! SOLUTION MODE!

I was humbled and a little emotional from the response my LinkedIn change of status delivered. The messages and calls I received from our Recruitment community, and people I’ve worked with or dealt with over the years was amazing. Thanks to all those who did this. I truly am blessed.

That said, whilst uplifting and beautiful, the wind got sucked from my sails fairly quickly. The dark cloud resettled over me like they did in those cartoons we watched as kids.

It’s an interesting battle between the intellectual me and the feeling me (yes there is both). The intellectual me understands the global situation, knows it isn’t just me, and (something that is really hard for me to believe) knows it isn’t just about him. He will begrudgingly accept the umpires decision and will get on with life. Breathing in and out, one step after the other, watching the sun come up and go down as we know it will every single day. The feeling me however, plays a little different. He’s enjoying the time with the family, getting to spend time in the garden, happy to finally get to those little jobs which always get pushed to the bottom of the list in our busy lives. This is a fulfilling thing to do. But, he battles the darkness, those thoughts of “why me?”, those impostor voices that get a hearing in the quiet hours, and the black-hole of emptiness when there isn’t a job or purpose to really invest yourself in.

It’s a battle, daily. Don’t think it isn’t. Switching between positive and negative mindset, almost hourly at times. It’s exhausting. And yet, Nanna naps are not an option for me. They feel like they’re a sign of giving up. So that won’t happen.

It’s already been almost 2 weeks. I mean holy crap how did that happen? The world hasn’t stopped. Everyone has their own shit they’re dealing with. Kids are still on school holidays (god help us) and life goes on.

I’m pretty lucky I have a wonderful driven wife to give me focus (or to do lists, call it what you will), and keep the dark clouds at bay. Whilst the days are melting by we’re working through stuff. We’ve actioned the banks, the government, other creditors to ensure some breathing space. The resume is re written and we’ve registered on a range of different job boards and have begun working the network. I’m a realist. I’m not convinced this will change quickly, so I need to not focus purely on the job hunt. I’m not convinced this is a recipe for mental happiness.

There are jobs to do around the house, I’ve gardened, attacking long neglected areas, I’ve tried to fix a leak in the roof (ie I’ve tried, but need another downpour to really see if I succeeded or not), I’ve even washed windows. Desperate times people.

I’ve given myself time to think. I’ve always wanted to write something of substance, so I have given myself permission to have a crack at that. The allowance of thinking is a blessing, I’ve had other ideas which I’ll work on fleshing out. This is all really exciting.

I’m working on giving back and helping others in similar boats, more on that another time. However, it must be noted that the demons are fighting themselves in my head. How can I give advice and a sense of calm for people when I’m in the same boat? I know my experience can help others, fingers crossed it can.

There you go, Co-vid 19 sucks. A popular thought i’m sure. It’s tough on most people. I don’t think any one is immune to this.

You do you. What is best for you and your family, is best for you and your family. Help others if you can. Don’t be too hard on yourself, this is shit. But the sun will keep rising (yes even in Melbourne) and one day I know my kids will be able to use this time as a “when I was a kid story” . I was worried that their worse story would be the day in 2019 when the wifi went off for an entire day.

5 Reasons I blog. Blogging for obvious

How do I put this? Dear Bloggosphere… shut up! Seriously… Be Quiet! You’re driving me nuts!

My apologies, the title may be a little misleading (OK a lot, I’m not writing a list!), but I’m testing a theory. Maybe I’ve been doing this too long? Maybe I’m a little tired and emotional? Maybe, I’m over it? Maybe I’m doing it wrong.  Then again, maybe not.

I don’t know, but seriously (yes I’ve repeated that “seriously” for effect!) what’s up with all the tripe? You may say I’m adding to it, with this post.  But I’m getting frustrated with the lack of original well thought content on the internet. Captain Obvious is everywhere!

When I first fell deep into Social Media it was an ocean of new information for me.  I found people all over the world I needed to connect with.  People with great ideas, philosophies, people who were willing to share this information, for sharing sake.  Well, perhaps there was some ulterior motive, internet fame or potential business building.  (AND There’s nothing wrong with that)  I learned so much and really was able to uncover a passion for this Industry, which, honestly speaking, wasn’t there before hand.

Look, I’m not a negative kind of guy, but my frustration levels are rising.  How many times must one see a blog post written by some “guru” that you need to be careful what you are posting online.  Especially during a job hunt! (it’s 2013 for goodness sake) Well Der…. How many different ways can Social Media land you that perfect job?

OK here’s a news flash… Think about candidate experience.  For god sake!

How many times will I read lists about how to land that perfect job! How to ace that interview! How to know the company isn’t just that into you!  What appeals to Gen Y and Millenials!  Job boards are dying! The resume is dead! The most important interview questions. blah blah blah.

It must be tough to be a job seeker at the moment, someone really needing advice from the internet, turning to so called “gurus” for direction and advice.  LinkedIn, well my feed at least, spews forth copious amounts of obvious dribble daily.  The amount of one “upmanship” is beyond belief.   The internet is going the way of tabloid TV, scaring people with outrageous claims, alarmist headlines or promises of that silver bullet to solve all your ails.  Digital snake oil if you will.   I find myself increasingly forcing my way through the mire and (thankfully) uncovering some gems much to my relief. (a metaphor for Recruitment maybe)

My point? I realise this has been a rant.  However, it seems that we now consume information, we consume content at an ever increasing rate.  We need to be careful what we eat!  It’s OK to consume the junk at times, just ensure that you eat the good stuff as well. Look where it is coming from, or from who, keep your mind open, form your own opinions, share them even! Why not… everyone else is!  But please, oh pretty please try to add more value than just taking up space on my screen, I want you to take up space in my mind.

Social Media, Recruitment, Seriously, it ain’t that new!

I find it interesting, this world we live in.  I’m probably too entrenched in this Social Media, Recruiting space.  I get genuinely surprised when people either a) discover Social Media b) discover how to use it within Recruitment.  When people rock up at these conferences and are all starry eyed and “Wow’ed” at what they are discovering.  I know it is pretty cool stuff, which is why I like to go for these.  I too was once doe eyed listening at the foot of the wisdom tree sucking in as much as I could, and honestly… it changed my Recruiting life.  But that was many years ago now, Social Media was in its infancy, LinkedIn had less than a million people on it, Facebook was barely out of college, Twitter wasn’t thought of yet and only had a couple of thousand users.  I still remember the nerves of hitting “publish” on my first blog post (@AdamAxon I think you’d remember) and expecting the world to somehow stop (it didn’t… I guess you knew that though huh?)

Why is Social media such a surprise for people now? 2 people join Linkedin every second they tell us.  Facebook has almost a billion people on it, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr etc etc etc ad infinitum.   It’s mainstream right? Not reserved as the pure domain of computer nerds and people who cannot connect with people in real life (we’re all there still though).  Right?  By hitting “publish” on this post, I’m probably preaching to the converted, but I’m typing it anyways!

The great thing I love about Social Media, is the speed of its evolution.  This speed makes it OK to try things, if it doesn’t work, fine, switch gears, mark down the lesson learned and go on to the next thing.  Failure doesn’t always mean the apocalypse, just ask questions about Google Wave.  The world of Social Media will forgive you and let you move on (and probably forget about your little mistake pretty quickly.. oh look something shiny….. sorry what was I talking about?)

Sometimes I think it’s healthy to sit back and look at the world around you.  Realise that not everyone thinks the same way, (yes, even with all the reciprocal smoke blowing on some of these blog sites) and be prepared to talk people through what you do.  Are you sure you know/understand why you do things? Social Media is still scary for people, especially people in companies, it is a move away from what they have traditionally done, things that have been successful.  Change is tough, change is confronting, and sometimes, it’s not always needed.  People need to understand why they are doing things, what’s in it for them! Not just follow blindly.  You need to have a reason, a business imperative to join in to the conversation.  I really don’t think having 3000 “Likers” or “followers” is a legitimate business goal, there I said it!

Find that reason, find that critical need, and the rest will happen.  It’s our job (us old time players in this space), to educate, challenge and support.  I’m learning not to assume that people know this stuff, which is a challenge for me, even though I’m not a Digital Native myself.  If you or your company are struggling to take the leap, don’t be scared, trust me (OK, I realise that was said by a Recruiter)… the water is fine.  You’ll find and learn by doing! That’s the best bit about Social Media’s evolution, you keep learning and evolving with it.  It’s a great ride, share it with people.

Dan Nuroo! Where’s the mojo?

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo…

I was once prolific, a nightly blogger, commenter, commentator, participant or stream filler!  I’m more of a lurker at the moment, and it’s hard to put a finger on the reason.

There’s heaps going on out in the blogosphere, some of it is even interesting.  There’s still debate that rages on in the Recruiting space, the old chestnuts of “Social media = silver bullet” “Twitter is great vs Twitter sucks” “Job Boards are Dead” versus “No we’re not!” “Passive v active candidates” etc etc etc blah blah blah ad infinitum.

So, why aren’t I blogging? Looking through the archives here, it really is sparodic. For the last couple of years really.  Probably co-incides with a few core life events.  Bub number 3 and now changing jobs twice… that, it seems puts a dampener on things.  I have a number of half written posts here, is it  the fact that I’m too spent to finish them? Am I not happy with the product I’m producing? Or just the fact that another bright shiny object catches my eye?  Am I self conscious because of the vast quantity of posting happening?

Honestly probably a mix of all of the above, the general weariness a new Bub brings to a family, my wife starting a business, a whole heap of focus on 2 new jobs, it really doesn’t leave a lot of mental space for output.  That said, this is about to change! I preach (I actually call it evangelising, but we all know the truth) this stuff to people, I am now going to start “Doing as I say”, be warned more content will start coming from this page.  Doing makes doing happen, action reinvents itself.  I need to get back into this and stir some creative juices, there are ideas I need to have, discussions I need to generate.  GAME ON! Minimum one a week! promise (I hope)

The way meetings should be!

This is just a fun post (well for me).

I was going to a meeting the other day and to keep the noise of the kids out of my head (who I was sharing a train carriage with) I had the headphones in just playing some “drown those kids out” type music.  I kept those headphones in all the way to my  meeting.  It gave me an idea….

How cool would it be to enter every meeting with your own entrance music?  (insert imagination dream style music here) “and here…… All the way from up the road….Weighing in at  …… An undisclosed number (lol)… It’s Peerlo’s own…… Daaaaaaaaannnnnn Nuuuurooooooooooo”  You could change it up depending on the tone of the meeting….

I saw a great example on Chuck recently:

(see Chuck..

This is what I would use…..

What would you choose?

3 Years on…………….

Wow it’s almost 3 years to the day when I started blogging.

I know this as I remember one of my original blogs was around the birth of my daughter Talia, who turns 3 tomorrow. Man time definitely does fly. I’ve just re read this early blog, seen the video’s and pics.. and serious tears came to the eye.

For those interested.. here is the reprinted version of what I wrote on January 26, 2007:

After months and months of waiting (OK 9 to be precise, or more if you add in the time trying!) I would like to take this opportunity to introdcue Talia Deanna Nuroo to the world. She arrived on the 25th January 2007 at 1.39pm.

Before I go too far into this, I must pay homage to my wonderful wife Simone, wow…. what a tough woman, she took this labour amazingly, mostly in a grand state of serenity, pushing through the pain in a display that leaves me genuinely lost for words to describe it, which is no mean feat. From 3am – 11.30 she pushed, breathed, relaxed, stretched and wobbled herself and Talia through contractions ranging from 5-2 minutes apart. If there is a mathematician out there, please let me know how many contractions that would be. No drugs, no swearing, just the odd tight hand holding (don’t worry I’m OK!) some gritted teeth, which I masterly reminded her to breathe through (see I was helping), the rest she just mentally toughed it out, truely inspiring, something I’ll never forget, and should remind me not to get into a fight with her. i may outweigh by around 1000 kilo’s but she’d kick my ass, and not break a sweat I think.

It wasn’t an ideal labour, as out little angel was being a little stubborn, facing the wrong way and then being a little too big to fit ou the natural way, but hey, it ended well, with Mum and Dad getting to hold young Talia just after lunch.

An unforgettable indescribable feeling. Now I may be biased, but I defy anyone to tell me she ain’t gorgeous and basically perfect! You can see her first shots on this site.

So far, a day into the lifelong journey Talia is going to undertake, I’m happy to report, she is feeding beautifully, sleeping pretty well, and loves cuddles with both Mum and Dad, who also love that. She has met her big brother Zac, and it looks like a lifetime partnership of mischief has begun.

Sim, is doing great, considering what she has had to go through to give me this wonderful gift, but on the improve.

This is a totally humbling experience, How luck can 1 guy be? An amazing wife, 2 gorgeous kids! In short LIFE IS GOOD.

Hard to believe really.. to see Talia now, a diva in training, a golden smiling, single minded, strong willed gorgeous girl, growing up so quickly in front of my eyes.. it is astounding. For those looking for something a little special to see, that you can’t see everyday. Check here to see the first ever meeting between mother and daughter… Not for the easy weeping!


OK, so I lied… There I said it.

More of a lie of omission. I was reading over my blog, which has gone way longer that I actually expected it to, I mean who’d have thought that I’d still be doing this 18 months on. Anyway, I wrote an entry in February titled, “Why I blog” I wrote all the things I was feeling at the time, but re-reading it, I missed something out. Why I started it?

This will sound bad, but the honest answer is money. I had this great idea that if I wrote a blog, whacked some Google Adsense on the side of it, and I’d be sitting back having a full time job just counting the cash that would just roll in. Funnily enough… It didn’t work. Checking my balance, after over 18 months and almost 90 posts now… I’m up to a grand total of AUD$5.67. Maybe I could build a personal brand which will launch my career internationally? Not really.

So what is in it for me then? Surely there has to be something? I’m not a coach, who by their very presence in Social Media is advertising their products and services (even if they say they aren’t), I’m not a social media guru, but I’ve learned about a lot of new stuff I’ve had to try, I’m not part of an agency, which would use this as company branding to show the strength of their Recruiters and themselves. Somewhere where it could be possible to show a genuine return on the investment put into it. That said it is only time…

I figured it out, bottom line reason. Because it’s only fair. A simple answer really, but the god honest truth (with the fact that I enjoy it, blogging and learning more about Recruitment has become my hobby too. Sad isn’t it)

What do I mean? I really feel like I’m part of a community here and by here I mean in the social media realm. Communities like, and the Australia/NZ site hosted by Paul Jacobs Recruitment 2.0 Asia Pacific. These places have become my professional life blood. People from all over the world contributing and learning from one another. Sure there are a constant few names that pop up in conversations, or writing blogs or contributing to conversations, forums etc. I’m now pretty comfortable saying I have friends all over the world now, that I have never met. I’d like to one day, but I feel like I know them.

These people are spending their time writing articles, contributing to conversations, that I am reading. FOR FREE! I honestly believe it is the least I can do to put a little back. If it adds value to anyone, then that’s a bonus, but it’s what happens in a community. Give and take you know.

There are some amazing people out there giving their time and expertise for free, all because they believe in the industry, are passionate about what they do and genuinely feel the need to basically help out. Check out those sites I mentioned before to see what I mean. If you’re a Recruiter and you’re not on these sites, then you are doing yourself and you company a disservice. Just like in Sales, you learn more by listening than talking, (you know the old 2 ears 1 mouth, use in that ratio) but to get the most out of things, you still have to contribute, open your mouth, get your hands on your keyboard and get into it.

Don’t get me wrong, if I can find a way to seriously monetize my blog, then I’m all over it (I feel nervous that I will get lots more spam tweets now), until then, my day job still pays the bills and until child number 3 arrives, my blog, my twitter, my social media outlets is what keeps me up happily up at night.

Why I blog?

This is an interesting question. Why is it that I find myself sitting in the dark, with the whole household asleep, punching something out on the keyboard? Writing something that will “disappear” onto the internet never to be seen again, maybe read, maybe not. Why bother? What’s in it for me or anyone? Word of my blogging has been building momentum in my social and professional circles, it is getting a mixed review, not so much the content, but the fact that I am actually doing it. When do you get the time? Aren’t you busy? are common questions I am facing. (In case you’re thinking the same thing.. answers are a) late night, b) yes I am.)

This is a hard question to contemplate unless you try it. I started blogging because I was reading lots and lots of articles, reading forums, and I needed to get involved. So I gave it a try… I wrote something for in April 2008 and never looked back. I’d always wanted to write, just never found a forum, after a few, I set up an account on who knows where this will go from here.

I have found it to be a great experience, cathartic in a way, a great release for me. I had fears at the start, I was nervous and a bit reluctant, I must have read, re-read and re-read again those first few posts hundreds of times before I meekly hit that scary “Publish” button. Here’s the thing viewers.. for those of you with publishing reluctance… NOTHING HAPPENED! the world didn’t explode, there wasn’t line after line of people pointing and laughing at me (that I could see anyway).

First one went well, so I thought I’d try another (took me a month to work myself up to do another). I was worried about running out of things to say or the core content (again those who know me… stop laughing!). You’ll be surprised where content can come from. Commenting on articles you read, conversations you had, meetings you were in, mistakes you made etc. (I recently learned about another phenomena “bloggers regret”, ie I wrote something, published and then wished I hadn’t, too late then.. it was out there)

Becoming actively involved by blogging and commenting on forums etc was amazing for my confidence, maybe I do know something, maybe I can add value to others. I was involved in a discussion recently about “lurkers” on sites, those who just hang out by the fringes, read the content, get the value but don’t offer any. If you are reading this, and you feel you could be considered a “lurker”, it’s OK, I understand, but forums, blogs well hey, Web2.0 etc works better when there is more involvement.

I have got a lot out of it. Personally and Professionally. I have “met”, well mingled and exchanged views with some great minds in my industry and am constantly in awe at their generosity at giving me some of their time and thoughts. I have learned more about Web2.0 tools and other Recruiting tools and techniques than I thought possible. (I honestly could not see the value in Twitter, then I tried it.. connected with some people and am amazed at the information I can get from those 140 characters. Yes I micro-blog too)

I read something the other day where someone stated that everyone has an agenda on these forums. I was initially offended.. I had no such thing. On reflection I was wrong… Of course I had an agenda… I really enjoy mixing and exchanging views with people of these forums.. that’s what I get out of it, that’s my agenda.

If you are reading this, (thanks) and you’ve got this far, (thanks again) I urge you to involve yourself in things. You will be better off for it, I’ll be better off for it, we all will. Write comments, add view points to discussions, and when you feel up to it… write something, I’m happy to proof read if you want.

It’s like most things, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. That is why I stay up late doing this, after my working day is done, it’ll make me better at what I do. That, and I suppose the fact I am a show off, like to see my name in writing, am a show off, struggle to keep quiet, am a show off, and am the youngest of 5 kids and expect to be the center of attention… did I mention I am a show off 🙂

Shameless Self promotion on the RBC site… Why I am a Smart Recruiter

This was written for the RBC, all for the chance for a free dinner… shameless? yes, do I care? not really, all in fun.

I’ve been thinking about this a bit, wanting to do a decent job at this, and not sound too big headed, which for those who know me will know it is tough for me to do, I have a great ego. I know there is no “i” in team, but there is a HUGE “ME” 🙂

1) I care, cliche? But what do I care about? My candidates? yes (within reason), my company? yes, its brand? yes, the viability of the EVP I’m selling? yes, the quality of the hires I (and my team) make? yes, my own Personal Brand? yes! care that we are getting the right results for me company? yes!

2) Constantly Learning. Forums like this and ERE are invalueable to me, inspiration has to come from somewhere, or even ripping off an idea all together 🙂 I am not technically savvy, in any way shape or form, however from the gadgets, technology etc I learn about from different forums I have implemented a bit of these to my day to day life. I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything.

3) I am box free. ie I don’t like to think outside the box, I don’t believe in the box in the first place. I believe in boundaries and process, but don’t allow myself to be bound by them.

4) Positivity is a huge part of being a Smart Recruiter. You cannot take the knock backs personally (even if they are), you learn from them and move on. I believe in the saying your attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching”

5) I know when enough is enough. I can turn off, the mind keeps working but I can have it recording in the background, like TIVO. I stay grounded, and whilst I am a career Recruitment professional, I know when it’s time for family, and they are number one. Even if I am addicted to RBC.

and 6) I can, and just have shamelessly self promoted.

Merry Christmas all.

Welcome to the Weekend….. Importance of Promise v Delivery

There is a connection between new employee and Recruiter, whether you are Agency or internal, I don’t think it makes a lot of difference (akin to the bird who forms a connection with the first thing it sees out of the egg, the Recruiter is THE goto person in the initial stages of employment in most cases as there is a relationship).

This works well if everything in the employment stakes goes swimmingly.. however, if say, there is a redundancy (or more than one) to someone you were able to convince to leave a job, and take yours, 6 months to a year after they start. I know this could be in bad taste with the amount of redundancies happening at the moment, however this scenario will have to have a negative effect to your personal brand. Is this a fair assessment? and if it is how can you curb it, especially if you work in a niche area?

Another scenario… you have a requirement, you qualify, qualify, qualify, you get THE right candidate… the candidate goes through an exhaustive process…. and you find out at the 11th hour… no more budget. (I have seen this scenario a lot over my career, but I am convinced there could be more of it now)

You advertise on a job board, you get your 100 responses.. only to find out that the role has been pulled.

Each one of these scenarios will affect the perception of YOU from the candidate, and perhaps with the employer as well. As the driver of the process, the buck will stop with you…

Personal Brands will become more and more important as Social Media really takes hold. People will (and already can) find you on countless mediums online, blogs, online communities, twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, MySpace etc etc etc… people will say good and bad things about you and your company.. if you are constantly going through any of the above 3 examples it may have a negative affect on your Brand.

This is where common sense needs to come in… the simple fact is that as the Recruiter you have to Manage expectations on all sides. If you do this openly, honestly and in a timely manner things should be fine… Hey I get guilty of not getting back to some people when I say I will, but life gets busy right?

Honestly… not good enough, I should know better…. and here’s why…

Once upon a time….. in a land not that very far away……I was a young Consultant in my first ever gig, I joined a team of 5 looking after one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) IT Contracts in the country.. they had just won a huge deal to outsource all the IT development with the largest Telco in Australia. This was going to be the land of milk and honey.. everyone will blow budgets away, it was a coup for my company to get on the panel.. we had over 200 open reqs a any one time across Contract and Permanent roles, life was flat out, life was fun… success will bring that. However, one day I get into the office to find out that all 4 of my other team members (incl leaders etc) had resigned.. leaving me holding the baby as it were. (insert first ever stress freakout here)

I knew the account, I knew the people… but it was just me… 23 years old running the largest account the company had… This surprisingly raised a number of eye brows with the client. the words “We are your largest account… why do you have some kid running it? Aren’t we important enough to warrant someone of experience and standing” We were part of a competitive panel of 7 agencies, all getting the same work.. we were ranked in the lower half….

This is where I learnt something… of those hundreds of requirements the client didn’t expect us to fill every single one.. however the expected us to report to them what they wanted reported and the wanted constant feedback. They needed feedback, good or bad, for the closing date of every requisition. I made a decision there and then… I was going to focus on delivering on our expectations, even if it meant that I would call the procurement or HR people and say I had no one for that role, and it looks unlikely that there would be. I was amazed at the kudos that bought me, within 6 months we became the number one supplier. All because i believe, that we listened to what they wanted, we delivered on personal undertakings and built strong one on one relationships and worked those relationships to expand our knowledge and inside client knowledge.

My point? Deliver on what you say you will, (don’t under promise – over deliver) you will gain respect from clients and candidate alike…. and that is what we are after in this industry. This business we are in, whilst challenging, is not Rocket science.

The dangers of under delivery are shown below 🙂

This was going to be a short little rant.. I seem to have been caught up in it… thanks for reading!