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Turn the lights out when your finished, 2008 is done

Well, that’s it isn’t it? Work for 2008 just about done. What a year it has been….. changes, growth, finding a voice and confidence in the world and learnt by the bucket load.

I’ve found this blogosphere and am really enjoying contributing and learning from peers and industry experts, not just from my chosen field, but for life in general, I am constantly amazed at the information available through this wonderful medium.

I’ve seen myself grow, personally and professionally, watched my family grow and experienced the joy that is watching my wife assist my children in their growth, I’d like to take some credit, but hey credit where it is due, she spends the majority of the time with them… I am the novelty act, for bath time, bed time, morning milk and weekends. You wont find a prouder man… to the point I used my ability to get home for bath time in a film festival I ran for my work.

We’ve enjoyed good health and lots of laughs, you have to be happy with that. In April my wife and I will achieve 10 years of marriage… who’da thought it… she’s a brave woman, and I’m a lucky man.

Professionally, one of the highlights was watching my team develop and achieve some very challenging goals with some innovative solutions using technology to our advantage.

I attended my first Australasian Talent Conference and was amazed by how that affected me and my outlook on life, personally and professionally. To have conversations with Heather Hamilton, Dave Mendoza, Rob McIntosh, Shally Steckerl, Kevin Wheeler et al helped accelerate my development as a professional more than anything else in my almost 15 years experience to date.. if you see this guys.. thank you. It saddens me that with the economic climate outlook for 2009 may exclude me from the 2009 session.

I am about to start a break at home, and can’t wait to wind down and enjoy the time with family and friends, especially those friends of mine who have returned from London for the Christmas season. They added to my shot glass collection.. gotta love them.

So to anyone reading this… Merry Christmas, have a happy and safe New Year. Don’t be shy, please add comments it will be great to know people are actually reading things.

Goodbye 2008, thanks for coming, we had fun.


Tomorrow’s leaders today a preview of the future

It’s really hard not to write about this… so I won’t even try. Warning for those about to read.. bias Dad alert

Today I had the day off work, it’s that time of year, children’s Christmas concerts, school break ups and the like. I got to do something very rare I think for a career dad.. I got to spend a whole day observing and helping out in my son’s 2 Kindergarten sessions (yes we have him booked in 2 different schools for enough contact hours to keep him stimulated). What a blessing… I rarely get a glimpse of him in this world, his own world, his own social engagement, my viewing is normally in my own controlled world, where I have a say in the environment and can control it to a point. What an eye opener, to view my son as a human being, who interacts on his own, has his own social circles and is learning how to cultivate relationships. Humbling is a word that came to mind.

Tomorrow’s leaders today, you can see the politics in play… “I’m not your friend today!”, or “he’s not your friend.. he’s my friend.. go away!” you see the suck ups, the bully’s, the leaders, the followers, the power struggle if there is multiple people wanting to be the leader or the social groups forming when those opposing leaders pick sides. An uncomplicated microcosm of the world I know.

Do we over complicate things when thinking about what we do and how we do it? I dislike office politics , but really, should I fight it, or just go with it? is it something that is just human nature? These kids pick up on it, with little help from the outside world, it seems innate. And beautiful.

Watching them grow up will be fun.. I’ve been told it goes very quickly and I need to enjoy it whilst it lasts. It is hard to avoid a little tinge of guilt as you fill in the leave form for the day of just fun at Kinder… but hey.. if you get the chance… TAKE IT, that smile you’ll find.. priceless.