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Shameless Self promotion on the RBC site… Why I am a Smart Recruiter

This was written for the RBC, all for the chance for a free dinner… shameless? yes, do I care? not really, all in fun.

I’ve been thinking about this a bit, wanting to do a decent job at this, and not sound too big headed, which for those who know me will know it is tough for me to do, I have a great ego. I know there is no “i” in team, but there is a HUGE “ME” 🙂

1) I care, cliche? But what do I care about? My candidates? yes (within reason), my company? yes, its brand? yes, the viability of the EVP I’m selling? yes, the quality of the hires I (and my team) make? yes, my own Personal Brand? yes! care that we are getting the right results for me company? yes!

2) Constantly Learning. Forums like this and ERE are invalueable to me, inspiration has to come from somewhere, or even ripping off an idea all together 🙂 I am not technically savvy, in any way shape or form, however from the gadgets, technology etc I learn about from different forums I have implemented a bit of these to my day to day life. I’m smart enough to know that I don’t know everything.

3) I am box free. ie I don’t like to think outside the box, I don’t believe in the box in the first place. I believe in boundaries and process, but don’t allow myself to be bound by them.

4) Positivity is a huge part of being a Smart Recruiter. You cannot take the knock backs personally (even if they are), you learn from them and move on. I believe in the saying your attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching”

5) I know when enough is enough. I can turn off, the mind keeps working but I can have it recording in the background, like TIVO. I stay grounded, and whilst I am a career Recruitment professional, I know when it’s time for family, and they are number one. Even if I am addicted to RBC.

and 6) I can, and just have shamelessly self promoted.

Merry Christmas all.