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Australian Recruiting show on its way… Monday

Those who read this, yes that’s you Mum and Dad, will know I am a Recruiting tragic. I read blogs everyday, I’ll listen to replays of The Recruiting Animal Show, I’ll call in to Bill Boorman‘s show and listen to his US version, I’ll listen to Maureen Sharib and Geoff Webb’s Talk Sourcing show. I Ustream’d ERE’s convention in the US, and get involved in as much as I possibly can.

Fortunately or unfortunately most of these things are done after hours for me, as most of these things are not targeted at Australian audiences, apart from the one Recruiting Animal show, which I was lucky enough to be a part of. They put it on for us, ie worked around our time, so I wouldn’t have to wake up at 3am to dial in!

The good news is Bill Boorman is turning his focus on Australia. Bill Boorman is quickly becoming a global legend in this space. Bill is an extremely experienced Recruiter, turned Recruiting Trainer/Commentator. Trust me, what he says needs to be listened to and respected.

Bill is launching his Australian Show THIS MONDAY!

Why? He is either sick of Aussies calling into his show and confusing the POMS with our accents (we don’t mention anything sporty), or he’s heard that there are a large number of English Recruiters out here, and think they may need to hear a little more from home, or of course he’s looking for a tax deductible trip down under. Whatever the reason at 3pm Monday AEDST Bill is launching his Australian show…..

Such shows should be mandatory listening for your Australian Recruiting Professional, well, if you have time in between billing that is. Participation is the key. Great for your brand too.

Check out Bill’s site on Blogtalk Radio (you can find links on my blog too!) and get involved. His first show will be titled “Road to Recovery”. Be there or be square… love that… I will be.