Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad asses in APAC featuring – Dan Nuroo

Top 50 HR & Recruiting bad asses in APAC featuring – Dan Nuroo.


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My take on F-Gate

For those of you in the Recruiting game in Australia and NZ, you’ve probably noticed there’s a couple of officianado’s going toe to respectful toe with wet lettuces over the use of the F bomb in a Recruitment Ad. Check this and this.

It’s kinda funny. Well, here’s my 2 cents.  After a lot of soul searching, in-depth analysis and reading all the blogs and comments. I’ve thought long and hard about it, and well, this is what I think about the issue.


Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.54.12 amSpare me.  There are sooooooo many minutes of my life I won’t get back due to the reading of these posts.  I’m sorry brain.

Not to sit on the fence or anything, but really? Both have some good points.  I’ve never been a fan of the idea that there is one way of doing things, who cares if people are trying stuff? I applaud that.  Would I drop the “Magic” in an ad or a bit of external communications for my organisation? No, but then again my company doesn’t roll that way (officially! Of course we swear and muck around in the office, out at drinks, social events etc, but that’s not the image we want to present)

I’m not saying either approach is right or wrong.  It’s a horses for courses kind of scenario isn’t it?

The choice of how to present your company and your opportunity is dependant on your organisation and how you want to be perceived.  I’m going out on a limb and assuming that this is the message that Vend wants to put across.  People will opt out because of it, and others will opt in, that’s the goal right?  The business goal of the Recruitment advertising is to attract the right person to the job.  FULL STOP, no if buts or maybe’s.  That is the purpose.

Reading the “Wolf of Wall Street”, there was a part when the main character was editorialised in the Wall Street journal in an unpleasant way.  Well, they just spoke about the company realistically.  Some people were obviously disgusted, whilst others were inspired and they were beating away applicants at the door the next day.  From a Recruitment point of view…. that’s a big win.

People have branded this attempt at something different as akin to the spoilt brat in the playground shouting “look at me”.  I see that as a lazy and pompous.  Sure they are most definitely shouting “Look at us!” but they are shouting to what they perceive as their audience.  If it’s not your cup of tea then… click on the next ad.  Don’t pour cold water on them for doing this.  Just because you wouldn’t do it yourself doesn’t make it right or wrong, it just makes it different.  And that’s OK

What would my 10 year old self say to me?


There’s lots of blogs around at the moment in regards to what you would say to the 22 year old version of yourself if you could.

I’m taking a different look. I’m reaching a birthday milestone soon, which is kind of confronting, I’m turning 40. (I’ll wait ’til the gasps of horror and disbelief die down before continuing……… go on… take your time……. Ready? OK) I was thinking, I wonder what the 10 year old me would say to me now?

First I think there would be some shock and disappointment that I wasn’t a Superhero (well I couldn’t admit it even if I was could I, they’re not called secret identities for nothing!), didn’t play test cricket for Australia or captain Carlton. He may be shocked that I fell in love with a girl and married her and raised a family, I mean girl germs.. ewww. (The teenage me…

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A little something from the ATC – The LinkedIn Selfie

Just reposting from here… Sorry LinkedIn but people agree with me

What would my 10 year old self say to me?

There’s lots of blogs around at the moment in regards to what you would say to the 22 year old version of yourself if you could.

I’m taking a different look. I’m reaching a birthday milestone soon, which is kind of confronting, I’m turning 40. (I’ll wait ’til the gasps of horror and disbelief die down before continuing……… go on… take your time……. Ready? OK) I was thinking, I wonder what the 10 year old me would say to me now?

First I think there would be some shock and disappointment that I wasn’t a Superhero (well I couldn’t admit it even if I was could I, they’re not called secret identities for nothing!), didn’t play test cricket for Australia or captain Carlton. He may be shocked that I fell in love with a girl and married her and raised a family, I mean girl germs.. ewww. (The teenage me would be surprised and thankful that a girl actually fell in love with me I reckon, and there was a way out of the “Friendzone”).

He’d probably look at me and wonder what happened to his ribs, I used to be able to see them back then.

If I told him what I did for a job, he’d probably punch me in the face, before really trying to understand what the hell it is that I do for a living. This wasn’t the plan. He would see the fun part though and then laugh that people actually pay me to do it.

He’d be shocked at my “sensible” choice of car and dismayed that I wasn’t a $quillionaire.

That said, I reckon there would be a fair bit he’d be pretty excited about too. Firstly, I’m allowed to drive and actually have a car, I mean that’s pretty cool. I have to shave and finally have hair in places I probably wanted hair then (dismayed at the malting of hair up the top of my head where it really belongs though!)

We’ve done some cool stuff that 10 year old and I. We recognised that my natural ability in the sporting fields peaked around 16 and we took control of our own life from there.

Leaving home at 18, packing up all my things into my little green Gemini car, putting it onto the Able Tasman and moving to the mainland, all for Uni, not knowing too many people, and making a brand new life for myself was a huge risk.

But oh the rewards! The people I’ve met, the things I’ve done, the life I’ve built.

He’d be in awe of some of the travelling we’ve done. Before moving to the mainland, the idea and dream was to see all of Australia, and whilst I still haven’t seen Perth yet, he’d be pumped that we’ve been to Disneyland (and the country surrounding it, I think it’s a little place called the USA, you may have heard of it) , travelled through Europe, Asia, New Zealand too. Ridden Elephants, whitewater rafted, travelled on trains, planes, trams, rickshaws, tuk-tuks, saw Lords, Wimbledon, Madison Square Garden and especially the MCG! All pretty cool stuff. He’d love that I lived in Melbourne and got to go the MCG whenever I want.

Legend from my parents was that asking a young Daniel what he wanted to be when he grew up, I’d answer “a Daddy”. Well I’ve definitely ticked that box, I’ve very lucky to have been blessed with 3 amazing children who are the light of my life and the scurge of my sleep. Although the 10 year old version of me would be a little freaked out that my first mini me is now 10 himself. I hope that I’d see myself living up to my 10 year old expectations of what being a Dad was, as my Dad has always been my hero, I need to be living up to that. He may however be embarrassed by my lack of handy man skills, our Dad could fix anything, I am a handy man’s dream, they make a fortune coming to my house fixing my attempts of trying stuff.

He would probably see I have changed into someone who resembles Mum and Dad in what I say and act at times. Hearing myself say all those things to my kids that I promised I never would. There would be amused head shaking there.

If he’d see the future, he’d see some mistakes and some poor decisions we’d make, but he would have to be seriously excited by the ride he’s about to embark on.

He’d be proud experiences lived, both good and bad, he’d be humbled by the amazing people that have joined him in sharing this journey and have taught us so much.

That 10 year old was fearless, he’d try anything, and he wasn’t afraid to stand up for himself, his filter wasn’t as advanced as it is now, he’d probably whack me for putting up with some of the stuff I have in the past, career wise.

He’d be excited and a little scared by what the next 10 years will bring, as he’d be worried about how everyone he loves has aged in the last 30 years, and for those he’s lost.

He’d be surprised that a circle of friends can extend limitlessly and that people come and go from your circle of friends as life moves on and that your self worth isn’t measured by how many parties you are invited to or how many Christmas cards you get.

He’d remind me that there is a world awaiting me beyond the computer (phone or tablet) screen and that on nice days you have to go outside and enjoy it (and get out of mum’s hair)

I think he’d remind me to keep having fun and don’t take life so seriously or sweat the small stuff. He’d want me to keep looking at the world with wonder and appreciate friends, family and those I choose to surround myself with. He’d still want me to find the time to play every day, remember when lunch wasn’t about eating, running errands or waiting for my next interview to turn up, it was about playing as hard as you could with your mates until the next bell went.

And I think finally he’d remind me that the future is still mine to make, keep dreaming and believing in yourself (as he did)… you could still be an astronaut.

People business’. It is about the people right?

I have a confession to make.  I get confused easily.  That’s it, I said it! 

What’s confused me this week?  Well companies that are in the “People business”, you know Recruitment Agencies, Consulting companies and the like, a quick scan over their websites revealed that a number of them have absolutely no people images on their website, marketing, or if they do, it’s from stock photos, bleck!. 

Surely your people aren’t that ugly that they would scare people away? (unlike this guy, but we still published it!)Image

It astounds me how many places a few people can work, the handshaking champion, the chiseled good looking guy, and those blurry people behind him, that amazing team comprising a old guy, a young woman, a young woman of asian decent, an African American guy etc etc insert cliche here. 

At IMA we thought about this, about the need to showcase our people! We’re pretty proud of them to be honest, but we wanted our website to represent us, not some vanilla vision of what a company, a board or a team should look like. So we engaged a professional photographer (Simone from Enraptured Photography) to assist us in showcasing our people, to show us in the light in which we want to be seen.  Sure the photo’s are edited, cleaned up to look the best that they can, but it doesn’t make them any less authentic.  It’s us, and honestly, it looks a hell of a lot better than, photos put up that we took with our mobile devices or our own DSLR, or heaven forbid stock photos. (OK a certain bias here)

But why? Why don’t companies want to show case their own people? Will it take away from the brand? Will it allow people to try to poach your people more easily? Or is it just too expensive to hire a professional? Or perhaps the imagery on your website doesn’t make that much difference to you?

Maybe you think candidates or clients don’t care about this stuff, it’s all about the jobs you have open, your team doesn’t really matter.  Maybe…. I’m not sure. 

I did a review of a number of Recruitment Agency websites and I rarely saw a photo on it.  Lots of information mind you, but little to do with imagery or their people.  It’s a people business right? Where are the people?

If you don’t think it matters, seriously talk to Carolyn Hyams from Aquent/Firebrand and have a look at what they have done with their Social Media and imagery and tell me it doesn’t matter.

This rant is right up there with….. well another rant I did a while ago… here 

In these days of social media and everything online, I think you need to give yourself every advantage, why not spend the money, if you have it.  It’ll improve your brand, personalise your PEOPLE business even if you cannot define a ROI on it. Although I’m sure Carolyn could!

Flogging a dead horse… OR The Recruitment industry sucks!

Recruitment agencies tend to be getting a bum rap at the moment, with what seems an endless amount of people getting on the “Whack the Recruitment Agency” bandwagon.

Whilst I cannot disagree that some agencies and some Recruiters can be dodgy and misrepresent the industry as a whole, it isn’t all bad.  I’ve wrote about this before here.

However, I have noticed a distinct lack of posts from agencies or anyone really talking about dodgy clients, dodgy candidates and the like.  This post aims to balance the scorecard to a point and share some war stories from the Recruiting trenches that I have seen or heard.

So dear readers, hold onto your seats and let me tell you some stories of dodgyness, dishonestly and downright crappyness perpetrated by “clients” and “Candidates” from the eyes of a Recruiter.  I know, shocking right? It’s not just the Recruiters that are bad to deal with all the time.

Have you heard about the client who after going through a whole drawn out process of 2 interviews, psychometric tests, 3 references, turned down the candidate?  That’s not the bad bit, that happens a lot.  (but it really sucks to be a contingency recruiter when this happens) Skip forward 3 months, person who won job, leaves.  Agency candidate is hired (great to be a recruiter when this happens), all behind the back of Agency Recruiter (again, not so good).   This could all be an innocent mistake right? In fact as much was said when the Agency Recruiter called the company, first to find out what had happened, and if, in fact the person had started. (notwithstanding all candidates documentation from resume to reference checks were heavily branded in the agency logo etc) Once confirmation was given, agency person informed said client that an invoice would be coming.  NEXT was the call from the CEO informing of the mistake and that he had never OK’d the expenditure, so there was a problem.  There were threats of firing the person so as to not pay the bill etc, they said the person applied directly to them from when they had advertised (on inspection there was no ad).  After lots of negotiation, it worked out for the agent, once lawyers entered the discussion.

How about the candidate who upon signing up for a role and joining a company, just doesn’t turn up on day one?  No word, no nothing?  Days of frantic searching later, emails, phone calls to mobile at all hours, even checking with emergency services to see if there were any accidents nearby etc, the Recruiter finally found a correct home phone number.  Spoke to the candidates wife, hoping all was ok (I had called a candidate on a database and sadly I made the call in the middle of the person’s wake).  Wife informs me that the candidate is fine and is at work “sorry what is this call in regards to?”  hmmmmm accepted job, signed job, went through induction etc, just didn’t get around to leaving old job.  What the?

How about the person who rocks up to an interview with IBM and proceeds to tell the hiring managers there that “IBM stands for Idiots Become Managers” that’s not embarrassing feedback to get is it?

Or the hiring manager who says “You’re 32, how many years would I really get out of you working here before you go off and start having babies?”

OR the hiring manager who actually compliments an interviewee on her ummmm appearance

OR asks out for drinks immediately after ascertaining said candidate doesn’t have a boyfriend?

OR the candidates who say they’ll do “ANYTHING” for a job, whilst shifting in what she believed was a direct take off of Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”

OR clients who specifically ask for “Australians” (I cannot dignify this by expanding further)

OR clients who make offers to people after 6 interviews only to shut down that division making the person redundant after 4 weeks of work?

OR the candidate who takes another job after 2 days on new job with client because he was actually waiting for that job.

OR The clients of a start up, who scared the new hire on day 2 by sharing a joint in the office

OR Those candidates who just don’t turn up for interviews AT ALL.

OR The candidates who bring their entire family, wife, child etc to the interview and let them wait in reception during an interview?

OR The clients who just don’t pay?

OK sorry, the rant took over.  Feel free to share some more with me

The point of this post? Let’s see the world for what it is? There are good and bad everywhere.  To just get stuck into one area, one industry because it is an easy target is stupid and lazy.  Sure things can be improved in the Recruitment industry, tell me an industry that cannot improve somewhere.  I bet you can’t.  (I’ve deliberately not linked to any of these Recruitment bagging “blogs” as I don’t want to give them any more “air” time than they have already stolen)

So, stop trying to get cheap plugs and visits to your websites by highlighting these things and generally talking rubbish, there is enough stuff to sort through on the internet without sensationalist hyperbole bagging an easy target!  Hmmmm what ever happened to lawyer jokes?

I’ve done it again… My Review of 2013 #SOSUAU

WordPress, what can I say… sorry, you weren’t my first thought… I’ll try to be better.

A new blog on @PhillipTusing latest conference.  A great day, some cool learnings and a headache from trying to fit it all in.

You’ve sourced some superstars.. now what?

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Musings from a Recruitment Tragic: Why I love X-Factor

It took me a while, but I figured out why I love this show.

I thought it was the fact that people we getting their dreams coming true? Maybe it was the extracting the water of the people who’s friends weren’t nice enough to tell them they have no talent?  Maybe it is the extraordinary talent that turns up year on year?

But you know what… it’s sad, I figured it out, it’s because it’s a whole nation wide Recruitment campaign!  Awesome right? Well for a tragic like me it is..

Come on, we all dream of this kind of application rate, and seriously how hard was it to attract all these people? What? You’re up against Idolwhoever’s got talent, etc… ? So what?  The challenge of course is sorting through all the chaff to get to the wheat, and from the limited amount I’m allowed to see, there is a hell of a lot of that.

Interviews are brief, to the point and targeted.  “Sing for us”, BANG done Yes/No … NEXT! repeat.

As a Recruiter, damn that’s tedious, but hey, we’ve all been there!  Quick decisions are made, people are cut.  Then the challenges come.  Show me how much you want it!  Let us put you under some pressure and see how you handle it.  Sick? too bad, suck it up, don’t get along with your team mates? suck it up, DELIVER! Again…. who doesn’t like a good targeted role play?

Each point being a veto point, and each veto gets harder and harder as it gets more and more personal to the person delivering the news.  Luckily, the other side is shown too, making the reality of how it feels to not success in something you really want, well real.  I hope you have all been there! Sat there dumb founded when you didn’t get what you really wanted when you wanted it!  If not, well you have to put yourself out there more!  It’ll make you a better Recruiter! Trust me, it’s personal to the person you’re turning down.

As with all Recruiting, not everyone will agree with the final decision, there will be pros and cons for everyone.  (It seems I have no idea, tonights results on the X-Factor were almost polar opposite from what I would have done, well with one of the judges at least.  Seems I wasn’t alone)

All the way through to the one winner, the successful applicant, the  person hired for the job! I want streamers, a single released, huge media coverage and an Australian wide audience next time I hire someone!!!!

I can dream! It’s not about being a X-Factor champion, Australian Idol, or whatever else, as I know that won’t happen.  But a Recruitment process like that, well, yeah.. sign me up!