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I’ve done it again… My Review of 2013 #SOSUAU

WordPress, what can I say… sorry, you weren’t my first thought… I’ll try to be better.

A new blog on @PhillipTusing latest conference.  A great day, some cool learnings and a headache from trying to fit it all in.


You’ve sourced some superstars.. now what?

Sorry WordPress, I’ve cheated on you… Here’s a link to a blog I wrote on another site.  I hope we can still get along

From the archives: still valid today… “Lessons from an Evil Boss”

As is my want, I occasionally l drift through old blog posts to see if my thinking has changed much over the years.  Here’s one I found from March 2009.  I can remember what I was feeling as I wrote this and it is still relevant for me today, and sadly topical in the Consulting world we live in.  Lessons from an Evil boss, looks at dealing with redundancy, and letting people go in a human way, understanding that while it is tough on the person telling someone they don’t have a job anymore, it is harder to hear, ensure that you keep your levels of respect high.

My latest Blog on IMA-MT “Balancing Personalities”

A guest post on the IMA website.  Me exploring the different sides to me. And wondering if this generally happens or is it just me?