About Me

Time to grow up and move on from Blogger.  This is my blog, Dan’s blog.  A place for my thoughts and reflections and hopefully your comments and discussions around Recruitment, family and the fun I have being me.

Quick snapshot about me? I mean, who is Dan, and why should he “say something more?”  Well the title is an add on to my first blog, “SaySomethingDan” You could call it my blog 2.0

I, in short, am a happily married man (yes there is such a thing) to a wonderful woman whom I’ve known all my adult life, we have 3 wonderful (most of the time) kids together and are working our way through life.  We are involved and engaged in our kids lives and are striving for that nirvana of work/life balance.

Career wise, well, I’m a Recruiting Professional.  Since falling into it in 1997, when I was seriously duped into it.  I wanted to be in HR!  I quickly saw the errors in my ways as I embraced the fun and buzz of this Recruiting life.  I have worked both Agency and In-house, specifically around the Consulting space, and I seriously enjoy it.  I was introduced to “social media” or blogging back in 2008 by Dave Mendoza who introduced me to a marvellous site Recruitingblogs.com and well, my life has never been the same.

The aim of this blog is to give my take on the world and the world of Recruiting.  Why? because people make things like wordpress and give me the opportunity to.  That said, I will moderate this blog to ensure that levels of respect are maintained.  Whilst I encourage debate and critiques, please note, I will only respond (and most likely allow to be published) to posts where the conversation can be two sided, and you post with a real name and valid email address.  Fear, or hiding behind a cloak of anonymity won’t be encouraged here.

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