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More Recruiting Nuroo’s… look out world here we come.

Found out today my niece has accepted a job with a Recruitment firm. Not sure how I feel about that.  What do you think blogosphere? More specifically Recruiting Blogosphere? Would you suggest this caper to your family? Would you put people you care about and love through this rollercoaster ride we call an industry.

I was kind of proud, kind of nervous. I mean just how much of my experience do I share? Warts and all? Good, bad and ugly? Do I go all Pollyanna on her and share all the great fun times (and of course cash that can be made)?  Do I blow her mind with how much you can find out, share my learnings from all you good people? Introduce her to all the Social Media do’s and dont’s?  Warn her off the #menofhr tags? 🙂

All these things ran through my mind.  Then the sensible part kicked in, I think it was that white angel sitting on my shoulder (the red devil must have been out for coffee).  I offered my services as a shoulder and an ear.  I gave a few bits of advice too.  Not too much, didn’t want to overwhelm.  “Don’t be afraid of the phone? or to ask for business”

Any advice on what I should have said?  “Read @Billboorman ‘s stuff””Join”  “Subscribe to Greg Savage’s prolific blog” “Get Radical with Geoff Webb’s stuff”  “tune in to the @animal show” the list goes on and on.

I’d love your advice… blogging world…

Dan Nuroo! Where’s the mojo?

I seem to have lost my blogging mojo…

I was once prolific, a nightly blogger, commenter, commentator, participant or stream filler!  I’m more of a lurker at the moment, and it’s hard to put a finger on the reason.

There’s heaps going on out in the blogosphere, some of it is even interesting.  There’s still debate that rages on in the Recruiting space, the old chestnuts of “Social media = silver bullet” “Twitter is great vs Twitter sucks” “Job Boards are Dead” versus “No we’re not!” “Passive v active candidates” etc etc etc blah blah blah ad infinitum.

So, why aren’t I blogging? Looking through the archives here, it really is sparodic. For the last couple of years really.  Probably co-incides with a few core life events.  Bub number 3 and now changing jobs twice… that, it seems puts a dampener on things.  I have a number of half written posts here, is it  the fact that I’m too spent to finish them? Am I not happy with the product I’m producing? Or just the fact that another bright shiny object catches my eye?  Am I self conscious because of the vast quantity of posting happening?

Honestly probably a mix of all of the above, the general weariness a new Bub brings to a family, my wife starting a business, a whole heap of focus on 2 new jobs, it really doesn’t leave a lot of mental space for output.  That said, this is about to change! I preach (I actually call it evangelising, but we all know the truth) this stuff to people, I am now going to start “Doing as I say”, be warned more content will start coming from this page.  Doing makes doing happen, action reinvents itself.  I need to get back into this and stir some creative juices, there are ideas I need to have, discussions I need to generate.  GAME ON! Minimum one a week! promise (I hope)