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5 Reasons I blog. Blogging for obvious

How do I put this? Dear Bloggosphere… shut up! Seriously… Be Quiet! You’re driving me nuts!

My apologies, the title may be a little misleading (OK a lot, I’m not writing a list!), but I’m testing a theory. Maybe I’ve been doing this too long? Maybe I’m a little tired and emotional? Maybe, I’m over it? Maybe I’m doing it wrong.  Then again, maybe not.

I don’t know, but seriously (yes I’ve repeated that “seriously” for effect!) what’s up with all the tripe? You may say I’m adding to it, with this post.  But I’m getting frustrated with the lack of original well thought content on the internet. Captain Obvious is everywhere!

When I first fell deep into Social Media it was an ocean of new information for me.  I found people all over the world I needed to connect with.  People with great ideas, philosophies, people who were willing to share this information, for sharing sake.  Well, perhaps there was some ulterior motive, internet fame or potential business building.  (AND There’s nothing wrong with that)  I learned so much and really was able to uncover a passion for this Industry, which, honestly speaking, wasn’t there before hand.

Look, I’m not a negative kind of guy, but my frustration levels are rising.  How many times must one see a blog post written by some “guru” that you need to be careful what you are posting online.  Especially during a job hunt! (it’s 2013 for goodness sake) Well Der…. How many different ways can Social Media land you that perfect job?

OK here’s a news flash… Think about candidate experience.  For god sake!

How many times will I read lists about how to land that perfect job! How to ace that interview! How to know the company isn’t just that into you!  What appeals to Gen Y and Millenials!  Job boards are dying! The resume is dead! The most important interview questions. blah blah blah.

It must be tough to be a job seeker at the moment, someone really needing advice from the internet, turning to so called “gurus” for direction and advice.  LinkedIn, well my feed at least, spews forth copious amounts of obvious dribble daily.  The amount of one “upmanship” is beyond belief.   The internet is going the way of tabloid TV, scaring people with outrageous claims, alarmist headlines or promises of that silver bullet to solve all your ails.  Digital snake oil if you will.   I find myself increasingly forcing my way through the mire and (thankfully) uncovering some gems much to my relief. (a metaphor for Recruitment maybe)

My point? I realise this has been a rant.  However, it seems that we now consume information, we consume content at an ever increasing rate.  We need to be careful what we eat!  It’s OK to consume the junk at times, just ensure that you eat the good stuff as well. Look where it is coming from, or from who, keep your mind open, form your own opinions, share them even! Why not… everyone else is!  But please, oh pretty please try to add more value than just taking up space on my screen, I want you to take up space in my mind.