Monthly Archives: March 2012

Get a Haircut and get a real job!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Time to look a little silly for a great cause.  A few brave souls and I from IMA Management and Technology are heeding George Thorogood’s advice and “Getting a haircut and getting (OK DOING!) a real job!”.  We are standing up, volunteering to show full cranium nudity for a cause! (Sponsor us here)

This year however, not only am I losing my locks for a good cause and hoping to raise some money while we are at it… (sponsor me here) The whole of my new company is getting behind it, in an effort that cements why I joined (Sponsor us here), the other bit of feel good news from this event, is that fact that I REALLY REALLY REALLY need a haircut.  So hopefully everyone wins.

Yes my kids may be scared by this Humpty Dumpty Look-a-like that comes home, yes my cat may fear I will turn him inside out, when I arrive home looking like Dr Evil, yes my wife will probably dis-own me for a little while, and yes the weather is getting a little brisker of a morning and being minus hair will, well probably suck.  But seriously, what is a little silliness, discomfort, when doing something like this can help make steps towards finding a cure for a disease which sadly has or probably will one day touch all our lives.

This is a call out for sponsors.. give what you can, support those who are stepping up to the plate trying to help.  Doing this has no reason if not for sponsors. Please get on board!!!!

Sponsor me and the great team from IMA-MT here